Meet Black Jacques & AB:16

Two bizarre new brews for you

Meet Black Jacques & AB:16

Today, we launch two incredibly limited edition brews; Black Jacques, an imperial black saison aged in red wine barrels (approach with caution, this beer is weird) and AB:16, the latest concept beer in our Abstrakt series, this time styling it out as a Belgian Quad. Delicious and dangerously luxurious.

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Both beers are available from our online shop while stocks last.

Black Jacques

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Pick a card. Play the game.
This once simple Belgian farmhand has been twisted beyond recognition by time, fate and lengthy imprisonment in French oak.
Today he flits like rumour from barren highland to moonlit vineyard, hunting down clues to a long-forgotten past.  A burnt barrel, a tattered tricolore, a shattered wine glass – the secrets of his nefarious past are there, yet they elude his restless eye.
A one of a kind card counting freak with a mind as brilliantly fragile as a Faberge egg.  Unloved, unwelcome and all the richer for it.
Who said the simple life was best?

This imperial black saison is one of the weirdest beers we've ever encountered. Aged in red wine barrels for no less than 268 days, it whispers kola, mint humbug, chocolate, coffee, oak and spice. There's banana, espresso, brandy and a clean herbal warmth there too, against a red wine robustness. It's smooth and light yet dark and strange all at once. The ageing has added a whole new life to this saison, which in itself was uncharacteristic of its namesake thanks to dark malts. A bizarre, beautiful, beguiling beer.

It also features some pretty epic artwork from the slightly-insane-but-in-a-very-good-way Serge Seidlitz. Keep an eye out for more cool custom bottle art on future limited edition brews too!

Exclusively in bottle, pick up a Black Jacques here


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The latest in our extra artisanal offshoot, AB:16 is a smooth and luxuriant Belgian Quad, infused with coffee beans. Warming clove and nutmeg on the nose, cafe au lait, subtle dark fruits and hints of candied lemon peel.

Ginger cake and malt loaf, smooth and fruity espresso, chocolate and warm, brandy-soaked currants all abound in this latest Abstrakt beer.

Grab one of these (extremely limited stock!) AB16 beers right here

What takes your fancy?

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Comments (5)

Michelle 12th May, 2014 2:34am
All of us here at looking forward to picking some of this awesome sounding brew.
Grahamf4 8th May, 2014 1:40pm
Black Jacques sounds like Mikkellers Worse I had at the inaugral IMBC. Weird was one to way to decribe that. Like Buckfast was another I heard on the day.
l'homme élégant 8th May, 2014 1:04pm
Now that is one good looking label.
Abstrakt Addikt 8th May, 2014 12:10pm
YES! New Abstrakt, looking forward to that one, coffee lover here says cheers
Jack T 8th May, 2014 12:10pm
Black Jacques sounds amazingly weird, cant wait to try! Thanks