Meet the BrewDog Aberdeen Bar Team

craft beer in the north east of Scotland

Meet the BrewDog Aberdeen Bar Team

Introducing the awesome team behind the first ever BrewDog bar!


Hi I’m Kerry and I’m the manager of BrewDog Aberdeen. I like to wear short shorts and long socks; I also have a growing collection of vintage military boots. Beer is one of my favourite things in the world; I drink a lot of it, and then keep the bottles, that way it feels like a hobby rather than a problem! I draw on people and important documents a lot. I drink too much coffee and eat too many sugar snap peas, but that makes me happy! I love my team and I love this bar.


Hi, I'm Scotty the Assistant Manager and Music Co-Ordinator for the Aberdeen bar. I love going into work every day and feeling excited, not only because the team here is great and a lot of fun, but also because of the regulars I now call friends. Outside of work, I enjoy playing bass in my punk rock band Hounds and cultivating my record collection. I regularly sleep with a cat called Logan, and have a large collection of hats! I always like meeting new people who are into beer, so if you fancy a schooner of something hoppy and delicious then holla at ya boi.


Hello, my name is Leigh and I’m the Duty Manager at BrewDog Aberdeen. I’m originally from Ireland but have lived in Scotland long enough for it to be a second home. I’ve only recently joined the frontline here at Brewdog, (being hired for the sole reason that I have blue hair) after leaving another establishment which took joy in pushing huge quantities of yellow fizzy water on the general public. This did not sit well with my conscious; I felt I could no longer lie to our brothers and sisters about what they were consuming so I had to do something. This is when I joined the revolution, toaster bomb in hand, ready to blow dated perceptions of beer out of the water and into your glass.


I am known by many names. I am American, but not. I am also polish, but not. I love beer. Not so much beer plus bourbon. Alliteration is not a great guide for what to drink. My hobbies include poking people with metal sticks, avoiding Dan's throat pokes, lunging whilst giving change, and jingling my keys when walking past hobos just to see the hope die in their eyes. I apparently smile too much so the regulars think I’m a nutter but i just think the British are miserable bastards and should discover the joy in their lives starting with our beer. Mmmmm beer. Not bourbon. Xx


Hi….Well I’m Dan or “Inappropriate Dan” to friend and foe at the bar. I’ve been working in BrewDog Aberdeen part-time since it opened in October 2010 and have loved every single minute of it, excluding the odd pile of sick and crazy cask obsessed CAMRA member. Being in the bar has introduced me to some fantastic experiences, one of the best being let loose with my own recipe (Mr Miagi’s Wasabi Stout) on the brewery’s pilot system and then seeing a full batch being made and sold in all our bars. I enjoy wearing braces, having great hair, and eating things that I find on the floor! Viva la craft beer revolution!


Hi, I’m Phil (or Nick for short) and I’ve been living in Aberdeen studying pharmacy for nearly four years now. Originally from Ireland, I have spent most of my days studying sailing, handling semtex, and maybe drinking… a bit. Funnily enough I easily found brethren in the Scottish people; it turns out with the shinty playing, whisky drinking natives I fit in quite well. I’ve been working in the bar trade for the best part of a decade; in pubs, sports bars, hotels and late bars. Though these places had their moments, BrewDog easily leaves them behind. It’s hard to beat great beer and a great crowd.


HELLO!! My name is Chloe, people seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. Beer is my favourite thing in the world (closely followed by chemistry and Harry Potter). I discovered BrewDog at a beer festival in Brighton where I used to live and we have been in a loving relationship ever since... so much so in fact that all of my friends (and family.... and lecturers.... and hairdressers.... and innocent passersby) have banned me from mentioning BrewDog before asking permission... that’s probably why I enjoy going to work so much. I may have lied and plagiarised in my opening statement …


Some may claim that the real hardcore partying does not really start till at least 5 am, others say that punk is only punk if it had its roots in ‘77. I’m Squidy more commonly known as the awesome machine, I believe that life is always a party and punk is not dead as long as we are surrounded by good music, good people and good beer. I have 4 BrewDog tattoos, and a keen interest in Macramé, I have also been known to knit!

They all live (kinda) at BrewDog Aberdeen.

Management Staff needed for BrewDog Bars

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Comments (13)

mr well happy since it's friday \m/ \m/ 20th April, 2012 9:34pm
yip, i think she could learn some manners from chloe by the sounds of it, must be horrible to work with someone like that, but one rotten apple.......................
Gareth Matthews 20th April, 2012 8:39pm
Insulting your customers? Umm. Also failed to write her name in a 'meet the team' blog. Clearly not the sharpest tool in the box. She'd have to be brilliant at her job, but it's unlikely.
Pete Howard, Nottm 20th April, 2012 12:25pm
Good to see that Dan is still there. My mates & I had a very informative and hoppy afternoon with him last June.Nice to learn the names to go with the faces.See you all next w/e at the AGM and see you again in June.
arobertson 20th April, 2012 9:22am
How refreshing to see that you actually now have staff who believe that punk isn't dead and still fly the flag, unlike Mark who last year told me that it was dead and only lasted for 2 years (mind you I switched off after a few minutes anyway....), oh and what's the problem with being a CAMRA member anyway? Anyone would think that Brewdog have a problem with them.........
Sara Louise Jastrzebski 20th April, 2012 3:59am
Good to see you smiling Mr. Happy!Also 53kg/116 lbs (20.55 bmi). Since you were curious. :)
mr happy : ) 20th April, 2012 12:27am
don't mention her weight joey.......
Badger 19th April, 2012 6:01pm
Love you guys xxx TB
joey 19th April, 2012 4:21pm
Miserable bastards pay you wages. I could think of a few names for you.
Mr Happy : ) 19th April, 2012 10:40am
maybe you should just piss off back to america or poland if this this country's population is too miserable for you !!!!!!
BrewDogBarScotty 18th April, 2012 4:46pm
i book the live music, you may have to speak to a certain blue haired gentleman about the iPod.
ian prise 18th April, 2012 4:03pm
Scotty good to find out that you are music co-ordinator. Just to let you know if I ever hear another Michael Jackson song being played in there I'm going to drown your ipod in somebody elses pint of stella! (I will of course be leaving the bar to do this).
hapsci 18th April, 2012 3:23pm
Dan, I think you need to create some Brewdog knitware!
Scott C 18th April, 2012 2:57pm
bunch of reprobates, the lot of ya ;)