Meet the Customers - BrewDog Camden

Meet the customers at Camden

Meet the Customers - BrewDog Camden

Look who’s drinking in our bar…

An area of London synonymous with indie drinking dens, grimy rock bars and a barrage of bizarre club nights, our Camden location was always going to fit like a glove to the craft beer cause.

A stone’s throw from Camden tube station and the hustle and bustle of punks and pushers that line the burgh’s infamous high street, BrewDog Camden can seem like a little oasis of calm…well, as long as you catch us at the right time, otherwise it’s more like craft beer chaos.

We trotted down on a Friday afternoon to meet some of our customers and find out a little bit more about them. Here’s who we found:

Kai: The local


“I’m meeting friends after they finish work and they will inevitably want to go somewhere rubbish and drink rubbish which is why I’m here getting a shot of the good stuff before the night goes downhill, rapidly.  
“I’ve opted for Alice Porter. I was initially drinking Hello My Name Is Beastie but wanted to drink something darker and also something I haven’t tried before. It’s lovely, there are some really subtle vanilla notes in it. I used to be IPAs all the way but now I’m drinking darker things and beers with more hops.”

Steinar: The diehard


“I love craft beer, to put it mildly. Regular mainstream beer doesn’t have a special taste to it like coffee or chocolate or any of the other crazy flavours you find in craft beer.
“Today I am drinking Libertine Black Ale. It’s got a nice dark texture, it’s a bit hoppy and not too sweet. I also went a bit mental and purchased loads of bottles too, including Anarchist and Alchemist, Black Tokyo Rising Sun, Abstract 6 & 10 and Java Coffee Stout. 
“Top tip for boyfriends wanting to bring their girlfriends here – I brought mine to Camden with the lure of visiting the Market then somehow we ended up here…don’t blame me!”  

Jo, Chris & Sion: The social


“We used to visit BrewDog Edinburgh so when Camden opened we had to check it out. The beer is fantastic, it’s like some crazy beer boutique. “We’re drinking Dead Pony Club – which tastes of passion fruit – and also Alice Porter. The barman is handing out brownies with every porter to enhance the taste!
“The journey here involved lots of weirdness. Like standing next to a man on the tube whose ear was hairier than a beard. Both the tube and the bus seemed to be full of dogs…it was a sign.”

The Dalsons: The craft beer tourists


“We’re on holiday and have made a point of touring capital cities which have good craft beer bars. Coming to London made sense. We were at BrewDog Camden both yesterday and today and have been working our way through the menu!
“The beers have been brilliant. Craft beer is very expensive in Sweden but they are cheaper here so we have been trying lots. It's happy hour!
“The stouts in particular have been a big hit – like Libertine Black Ale, The Big Smoke and Alice Porter. The smoked stouts are particularly delicious – easy drinking and light on the palette.”    


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