MixDog - The Showcase

the top five battle it out for the beer cocktail crown

MixDog - The Showcase

The time has come for our Mix Dog top five contestants to flex their cocktail shaking guns in the final battle to determine who will be crowned BrewDog's beer cocktail king or queen for 2012.

Entries were received via email, twitter and facebook, and the top five (refresh your memory here:  http://www.brewdog.com/blog-article/mixdog-the-final-five ) were selected after a gruelling weekend of cocktail mixing mayhem at BrewDog HQ. The contestants will be hosted by BrewDog's own beer cocktail master, Roy (the dashing chap pictured above), in the caverns beneath BrewDog Shoreditch, known only as UnderDog.


To help us decide on a winner, we’ve a panel of judges from the likes of The Daily Star, Closer Magazine and Foodapedia joining us tomorrow evening to put their tongues to the test and pick their favourite beery concoction.


If you fancy a chance to catch a glimpse of the beer cocktail champions - who will be travelling from the far flung reaches of the land to battle it out in Shoreditch - and maybe even taste some of the top five entries, head on down to BrewDog Shoreditch tomorrow and ask to be taken downstairs, to UnderDog.

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chris.john.moss@googlemail.com 16th November, 2012 4:05pm
Goddammit we need a speakeasy in Manchester!