MixDog:The Grand Finale & UnderDog

and the winner is...

MixDog:The Grand Finale & UnderDog

Back in September, we launched MixDog, the ultimate craft beer cocktail mixology competition. Submissions flooded in from the four corners of the globe and we were hugely impressed by the calibre of entries.

The finalists (pictured above from left to right: Lee, Karlena, James, Russell and Joe) were invited down to BrewDog’s newest bar in Shoreditch, London to be some of the first to pay UnderDog a visit. There, they created their cocktale concoctions for the audience and discerning judging panel, with the help of resident master mixology maestro, Roy.


Deciding on the winner was tough going, and all our finalists whipped up delicious cocktale creations inspired by a variety of BrewDog beers. From Russell Darling's decadent Buffalo Bill- made with Rip Tide- to James Morton's Hardcore Sour, Joe Depeau's MargarIPA and Lee Jone's Wet Nose, our guest judges had their work cut out for them! (check out the original submissions here: http://www.brewdog.com/blog-article/mixdog-the-final-five)

mdjames_620Yet, when Karlena Garvock's Black Pumpkin -  featuring her own homemade pumpkin liqueur (you can see it glowing a delightful orange in the two glass bottles on the corner of the bar above - what dedication!) - took to the stage at UnderDog, a winner was crowned.mdkarlena_620
Karlena’s warming, sweet but also sour Alice Porter and rum based creation was voted the best cocktail of the evening, and it is with pleasure that we announce Karlena the winner of MixDog 2012! Congratulations Karlena!

Thanks again for all the awesome entries scamps. You’ll be able to sample The Black Pumpkin in BrewDog Shoreditch and other selected BrewDog bars soon.

Photos from the night courtesy of Joe Depeau, thanks Joe!

In other news, UnderDog is now open. Hidden in the basement of BrewDog Shoreditch, UnderDog is a craft beer cocktail bar where all the cocktails are made with awesome beers.

It looks something like this:





It is open daily, from 5pm. Just ask one of the bar staff upstairs about UnderDog and they might just take you down. Be warned. It is weird.

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Comments (2)

Lucy H 27th November, 2012 7:46pm
As if I needed more reason to go to BrewDog Shoreditch.
Mr T 27th November, 2012 7:45pm
I went to UnderDog on Saturday. The beer cocktails are great. Especially the dead cobbler.