Mr Squirrel and another Masterchef Beer Dinner!

Japanese food vs Craft Beer, at Musa!

Mr Squirrel and another Masterchef Beer Dinner!

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The 2011 Masterchef winner, Tim Anderson, was in Aberdeen again last week. To check on the beer he brewed at BrewDog in June and to cook some more epic food, this time together with John from Yatai as Musa hosted yet another killer beer dinner.


Tim brewing in June @ BrewDog HQ.

The beer which Tim brewed, Mr Squirrel, is going to now be aged in bourbon casks, with apples. The beer is a 8% Miso infused dark lager brewed with Sorachi ace and aged on tasted walnuts. A small amount of the beer was launched at the Musa event and there will also be a few kegs of the unaged version at the Euston Tap in London, where Tim used to work.

The Japanese Beer Dinner last week at Musa was epic, here are some of the highlights:


Sakizuke: Oyster in the shell with rhubarb jelly and samphire. Served with Fantome green tea 'Magic Ghost'


Fantome 'Magic Ghost'. A brilliant beer, which is actually green.


Shiizakana: Velvet crab and lobster with red miso gratin, white sesame melba toast and pickled cucumber Served with Sorachi Ace IPA. James' Dad (and Bracken) caught the lobsters! *woof*

Mr Squirrel and the Masterchef Beer Dinner

Tim and the team


Thinly sliced seared wagyu bavette, ginger soy reduction, white radish and pea shoot salad Served with Miso black lager “Mr Squirrel” made by Tim


Shokuji: Seared Sea Bream, lime, smoked sea salt nigiri, wagyu bavette tartar and quail egg yolk gunkan maki


Happy BrewDog Scamps!


Pear poached in jasmine tea and honey, crispy sugared yuba, sweet azuki and chestnut cream

Overall it was a great dinner with some mind-blowing food. A huge thanks to both John from Yatai and Tim for coming to Musa to cook and put together some great pairings. We look forward to how Mr Squirrel turns out once it has been oak aged, with a bit of luck Tim may just come back and cook for us one last time when it is ready.


Tim and John put on a night of Japanese delicacies at Musa.

For fans of world class Japanese food, follow John's blog for details on when the new restaurant will be open (I will be his best customer!) 

In other news, Brett (our awesome Canadian intern) left us today to go home after 6 months @ BrewDog HQ. It has been a pleasure working with him and he will be missed by all the team. Good luck Brett!


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Comments (5)

Stuart 24th August, 2011 4:06pm
You clearly have forgiven him for the 5am Saint incident a while back and forgetting to add something to the tank.
Adrian 23rd August, 2011 12:09pm
Awesome!Can't wait for barrel aged Mr Squirrel!
neil, 23rd August, 2011 9:29am
That is quite simply the best beer and food matching menu I have ever seen.Truly original, delicious looking, and exciting.If this happens again, let me know.Neil.
Mark 23rd August, 2011 9:14am
Some very interesting looking food there, looking forward to tasting Tim's beer.
Pat 22nd August, 2011 9:27pm
I'd really need to know who had tasted the walnuts used in the aging process....