Mr Squirrel and the Masterchef Beer Dinner

Tim Anderson's brewday!

Mr Squirrel and the Masterchef Beer Dinner

Tim Anderson visited BrewDog this week. He brewed a 7.5% Miso, Toasted Walnut & Sorachi Ace dark lager (he designed the recipe!) on Tuesday then prepared the epic beer dinner at Musa on Wednesday. The beer will be called Mr Squirrel and as well as naming the beer and putting together the concept, Tim will also be designing the label. The beer will only be available in BrewDog Bars and at The Euston Tap in London.

Tim recently stormed to victory in arguably BBC’s best show, Masterchef (screw the losers on The Apprentice!) with a blend of Asian inspired cuisine infused with flair and often breathtaking imagination. Currently working as Manager of the brilliant craft beer bar, The Euston Tap in London, Tim’s affinity for craft beer long supersedes his TV superstardom.

Here is a photo diary of his visit.


Selecting the perfect Miso for the beer.


Confusing brewers Franz, Graeme and Tobias with the recipe. 


Mashing in the 20HL batch.



Lunch! Preparing a lunch for 20 hungry brewers with an impromptu kitchen, a pilot plant and a supermarket sweep of Tesco and a local fishmonger. Could be a new masterchef challenge?


Franz and Graeme enjoying each other's nipples.


Cooking on our pilot plant!


Dempster, Brian and Jame go to cooking school.


Digging out the mash tun.  


Tobias and Graeme comtemplate closing the lid of the tank.


The Beer Dinner at Musa.


Sharing a joke with Dave and John.


Plating up the first course. Haggis, Neeps and Tatties.


John from Yatai adds a Japanese twist.


The Musa team can't contain their excitement.


Tim will be returning to Aberdeen in around 8 weeks time to launch the beer he brewed and also to put together some more treats in a Japanese inspired Musa beer dinner.

It was amazing having Tim at BrewDog and Musa, he is a rock-star of new wave cooking and a genius with flavours, tastes and concepts. Thanks to all who attended the dinner and we look forward to welcoming Tim back to Aberdeen.


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Comments (2)

ItalianDog 24th June, 2011 5:00pm
Who is that sexy guy with the black hoodie on the right side of the firts pic? he seems to have steel muscles..
Dominic 24th June, 2011 2:36pm
When will the beer be released?