Nanny State

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Nanny State

Imperial Milds @ BrewDog

We felt a little bit hard done by with the onslaught of mass hysteria, consensual hallucination and nailing of BrewDog to the stake which surrounded the Tokyo* launch a few weeks ago. Anyone who knows BrewDog, knows beer, or has more common sense than a common (or garden) gnome will know that the scathing and unrelenting criticism we faced was pretty unjustified.


We have consistently made the point in writing and interviews that Tokyo* was all about the craft, the challenge and pushing the boundaries of beer and the perception of beer in Britain. We constantly cited the fact that BrewDog is all about educating the consumer and about promoting safe consumption through information and a responsible pricing strategy. It appears our well reasoned arguments fell on deaf ears. Both the Portman Group and The Scottish Parliament have commenced official movements to ban the beer for sale in the UK.

However we are a brewery, beer is what we are passionate about, beer is our canvas, beer is how we express ourselves. Consequently we have decided we would also make our point with a new, special beer.

Nanny State is our quiet and dignified response to the ongoing controversy surrounding Britain's strongest ever beer, Tokyo*. Nanny State is a 1.1% ale. We have gone from making Britain's strongest beer to a brew so low in alcohol it is below the legal classification of beer and not strong enough to be subject to beer duty.

If logic serves the same people who witch-hunted and publically slated us should now offer us heartfelt support and public congratulations. However I fear that this, unfortunately, is an arena devoid of logic and reason

Nanny State is an extraordinary little beer. It contains more hops than any other beer we have ever brewed. There is over 60 kilos used in our tiny 20HL batch. It contains more hops than any other beer ever brewed in the UK. It has a theoretical IBU of 225. It is jam packed with our favourite hops and already tastes amazing. Nanny State picks up where How to Disappear Completely  left off and takes the low ABV hop-bomb concept to the next level and cranks the BrewDog craziness up a few notches.

With How to Disappear Completely and now Nanny State, will we legitimately go down as having invented the Imperial Mild genre in the beer splattered pages of brewing history?

Nanny State will be available in cask and in bottles from . Watch this space for more information (or not) it is really up to you, this is not a beer dictatorship.

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Comments (16)

HopticalAllusions 29th September, 2009 5:47am
I started to wonder something. It seems entirely possible, if Nanny State is not very sweet i.e. it has a very low final gravity, that BrewDog may well have created the tastiest light beer in history! I will have to try it, if I encounter it anywhere in the New World. I estimate 32 Cal per 12 oz, which is half the infamous MGD 64.
JD 21st September, 2009 3:54pm
This sounds great, How to disappear... was one my fav Brewdogs.
james reid 18th September, 2009 9:49pm
We have consistently made the point in writing and interviews that Tokyo was all about the craft, the challenge and pushing the boundaries of beer and the perception of beer in Britain.
Seems like making it was more of a PR stunt, got you some publicity because its the strongest beer. These, biggest, strongest, heaviest type stories always do. More of a cynical PR move on your part so not sure what youre complaining about, you got your exposure.
Rich 14th September, 2009 10:03pm
Excellent. Just the stuff I need to still enjoy beer while having a period of lowered alcohol intake.
Dave Portman (Golum) 14th September, 2009 7:02pm
Nanny State actively encourages child care specalists to consume alchol whilst supervising whipper snappers. This will undoubtedly lead to a rise in underage drinking, teenage pregnancies and abandoned kittens.
Craig McGill 13th September, 2009 11:54pm
BRILLIANT! What next? A Brewdog beers for drivers? Keep up the good work!
magicdave6 13th September, 2009 7:44am
Excellent, well need to get a few casks down in the rake. Judging by the fact we sold 3 casks of edge during the week, this should go down a belter!
Shaun 13th September, 2009 3:25am
Are Sainsburys stocking this?! cant wait to try this monster! keep up the good work boys!
Glyn Roberts 12th September, 2009 9:53pm
James - definately! Nanny State night at The Rake with all the best bits, padded walls etc... ;)
Owen Sheerins 12th September, 2009 9:48pm

That sounds great. What was the OG of the nanny state? Will it be available in any shops at all or just from the site?
G Dunbar 12th September, 2009 7:19pm
Excellent! Hoping this will appear in Edinburgh sometime soon so I can say “ a half of Nanny State, please”
christian scheffel 12th September, 2009 6:15pm
That is just awesome!

What is this, a sixth pint in a bottle or there about?

How to disappear is a perfectly good beer. Ill have my doubts about this one, but as a statement it doesnt get better...
TimE 12th September, 2009 5:59pm
This rocks, rocks, rocks. I love every thing about this beer and I havent even tried it. I want to buy it yesterday. Not a Scot, but will be there from Tuesday till Sunday. Must be on cask/tap/bottle some where next week, right?
craig garvie 12th September, 2009 4:51pm
Oh my thats such a good name, i laughed my socks off.

Just tell us where and when to get it.
James, BrewDog 12th September, 2009 2:51pm
I assume we should set aside a cask or two for ya?
Glyn Roberts 12th September, 2009 2:46pm
I think this ale will be fantastic and I would quite like to hear what pathetic excuse for labelling this beer irresponsible the portman group will come up with this time. Boo.... Hiss...down with the self-righteous, completely up-their-own-arses Portman Group!
Bit of a rant but I feel better, well done lads!