New Year's Eve in BrewDog Bars

or hogmany as we say in Scotland

New Year

Hogmanay or New Year is a time of year steeped in tradition, From first footing, to fire swinging, to joining hands and drunkenly warbling Auld Lang Syne we all celebrate it in our own way. Don’t fancy fighting through hoards of screaming fans in Edinburgh? Are you disappointed that Glasgow has cancelled their annual George Square bash in favour of family day? Are you fed up of freezing your tackle off while watching the same fireworks display every year in Aberdeen? Fed up of paying extortionate amounts of cash to get onto “the guestlist” that every Camdenite dreams of being on? Fear not, BrewDog is here!  

This year BrewDog wants you to shake up your traditions and celebrate Hogmanay with us. See out the year in style, and bring in the next, the way you mean to go on!


Each of our four Craft Beer Bars will be celebrating Hogmanay (or New Years for those Camden Scamps) with a jaw-dropping array of Craft Beer from around the world.

We love craft beer, and we love you, so we have put our heads together, rubbed our hands and come up with some festive BrewDog Magic, ensuring we can double the amount of lines in each bar. This means at any one time, Glasgow can serve 16 completely different amazing and unique beers, Aberdeen and Edinburgh can serve 18, and Camden 24! This is more beer on draft simultaneously than we have ever attempted before!

The Customer Tap has proved incredibly popular over the last year, so we are incorporating your desire to sip on your beer of choice into the festivities - Can you Kill the Keg?!  The scamp lucky enough to kill the keg on the renowned Customer Tap will not only get to decide which beer they drink next, but will also get a pawful of BrewDog Goodies!

Say Hi to Kerry

With over 30 beers in each bar for you to choose from prepare for some of the best Craft Beer in the world. We will have little gems from breweries all around the world, expect to see the familiar but oh so tasty glasses of; Stone Brewing Co, Port Brewing, Mikkeller, Evil Twin, Southern Tier, Green Flash, Nogne and maybe even some Cantillon amongst many more.

BrewDog Nottingham and BrewDog Leeds

Accompanying these incredible world renowned Craft Beers will be some incredible world renowned BrewDog Beer!.From your staunch favourites, to some seasonal treats and of course some BrewDog Specials. It wouldn’t be a proper BrewDog event without seeing us jumping on and off the bar all night, so prepare for some incredible brand new beer launches and some very excited bar scamps.

As the evening draws in and 2012 draws ever closer we will have a very special list of bottles perfect to toast the New Year with your friends, family and favourite Bar Scamp of course! With multiple, rare and beautiful champagne style bottles, why go elsewhere for some over-priced, under-whelming fizzy wine in a lacklustre environment, when you could be right here at the heart of the party.


Expect all the best bits of all the best parties you’ve been to and then add that sprinkling of BrewDog charm, and you won’t want to be anywhere else.

We would never want to exclude any of you pups from any of our parties, so please make sure you get here early doors to have your say on the beers you will drink for the rest of the night, secure yourselves a seat within dashing distance of the bar so you can Kill the Keg, and look pityingly upon all the poor sods with their noses up against the glass, wishing they had got here earlier. 

And since 2012 is upon us, here is our video review of 2011.

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Comments (8)

Revolution Gastro Bar, Waterford Ireland 31st December, 2011 2:41pm
great feeling to stock all Brewdog beers - Great reaction from Customers - Got 6 Bottles Black Tokyo Horizon and sold out straight away - restocked and added 3 Bottles Tactical Nuclear Penguin - and attracted Bar staff from around the city - come of them actually bought it - looking forward to more great beers in 2012 - Keep up the good work Jim Flash Gordon, Manager
stravale 30th December, 2011 2:09am
I placed an order last week of November. 2nd order to be messed up - was told the Santa beer was not available due to a mess up with the inventory and Punk IPA would be sent out as a replacement (what's the point? I can get that anywhere) - then no emails, nothing. I'm cancelling my order - forget this online shop. It's a joke. Shut it down until you can get it sorted out.
michael o 29th December, 2011 2:17pm
sent an order for some beer for hogmany on 19/12/12 still (processing)sent emails asking when i might get it no replies. tried phoningcurrently unavalible. shit custormer service. will now try to cancel order. dont think ill be getting it this year.
arobertson 29th December, 2011 1:56pm
Punk music in Brewdog Camden? Pity it was Crass and not The Exploited (real purveyors of punk will know exactly what I mean by that). Maybe there's hope for the Aberdeen bar if this music policy finds its way north!
Justin B 29th December, 2011 10:07am
..Talking of bars. I heard a little rumour of a BrewDog bar coming to Nottingham next year. True or bollocks? ..I'm hoping True by the way.
Rob S 29th December, 2011 7:55am
Looking forward to trying some new beers in the New Year.Keep up the goodwork guys - have a great New Year!! Bob
Arron L 28th December, 2011 6:29pm
Keep up the music policy in Brewdog Camden. Wonderful to hear some proper punk music in the background. Never thought I'd hear Crass on a pub soundsystem. Good work.
Steve Armstrong 28th December, 2011 5:23pm
I'll be propping the bar in Aberdeen. End the year where it began.