OldDog: The initial evolution of our logo and brand identity

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OldDog: The initial evolution of our logo and brand identity







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Comments (7)

Barm 2nd June, 2009 7:06pm
Not sure would have been such a good idea to include the word `microbrewery` in the logo. It`s kind of limiting considering the amount BrewDog has grown since the start. Clearly nobody expected such rapid success at the time.
Brian Carrafe 2nd June, 2009 2:46pm
Did this go out to a local primary school as an art competition?
Not sure that its right for children to be exposed to high strength alcohol.
homebrewjapan 1st June, 2009 7:40am
I believe there is a tasting event for these beers in Tokyo later this month - as a Scot myself, I look forward to sampling them!

Homebrew Japan
gary elrick 30th May, 2009 6:52pm
have just sampled paradox batch 001 in my local wine shop (dunnottar wine stonehaven) being a whisky fanatic i found it fantastic keep up yhe good work gary
James, BrewDog 30th May, 2009 8:53am
we have had the same logo since we started. These were all just options that were pitched to us at the initial design stage.

James, BrewDog
Martin 30th May, 2009 8:36am
That was quite some evolution there. Very interesting to see how the brand has changed although it wouldve been nice to see the timestamps as well.
andy mogg 29th May, 2009 10:27am
intresting stuff, i think its definatley an improvement on the original and certainly stands out from the more mundane ale labels