What we unveiled at the #PunkAGM 2015


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Yesterday we brought you a flavour of what went down at our fifth-annual shareholder party, #PunkAGM 2015. As promised in that post, today we add a little meat to the bones as we announce some of the very exciting things that we have coming up over the next twelve months. If you were at the AGM then chances are you’ll know this already – but if not, select something suitably amazing from your beer cellar and pull up that easy chair – here’s exactly how 2015 is going to rock….


It all starts at home. As we detailed last week work has begun converting the dusty gravel site adjacent to our Ellon brewery into a brand new BrewDog brewhouse. When complete, the 300HL Ziemann facility will be run in tandem with our existing 100HL site (with potential brewers’ zipline in between) and with new fermentation tanks will enable us to increase our capacity fivefold. At the same time, it will lead directly to the creation of over 130 additional jobs in Ellon, as we add to our dedicated beermaking team in Aberdeenshire.

This is something we have wanted to do for some time, and it is directly as a result of your investment that we’ve been able to unfurl the blueprints, break ground on our new site, and begin pouring the 2,000 tons of foundations. We are also looking to make our new brewhouse as environmentally advanced as possible, with feasibility studies being conducted into an advanced water treatment plant, fuel cell technologies and a bio-mass generator. Throughout 2015 we will continue to make the very best beer we can, in the best way possible.


Whilst we’re on the subject of technology, during their on-stage update James and Martin officially launched – in real time – the brand new Equity Punk website. Constructed in collaboration with the great team at CollectivWorks in Glasgow, the new site is packed full of features and enables our shareholders to interact and communicate with us and each other in a brand new way. We’re hugely excited at how it looks, and the potential it has to get people uploading and sharing content – existing EFP’s can access the site via the sign-up email or by visiting www.equitypunks.com.


The Q&A Session with James and Martin at the AGM had plenty of questions relating to upcoming BrewDog bars; where we are looking to open and in which city. As you can imagine, we have plenty of potential sites on the flipchart, and several bar projects in stages of fruition. In fact, we are looking at shaking up what we do in this regard, and today we can announce exactly how we are going to go about it. But first, one of the most commonly-asked of all new bar requests once again comes back to home. And so we are hugely excited to reveal this…

BrewDog Aberdeen II

Just the day before the AGM – on the dot of five o’clock, actually – we closed a deal that we have been wanting to get over the line for some time. Yes, we have signed off on a second location in Aberdeen for BrewDog. The original bar – our much-loved forerunner – can get pretty cosy, so we are utterly psyched to be able to say we are going to open a flagship site in our home city. The Athenaeum on Union Street is an Aberdeen landmark – and so we have acquired it to establish a landmark BrewDog bar for all our fans in the Granite City.

International bar update

Elsewhere in the lineup for prospective BrewDog bars, our long-awaited new site in Scandinavia is set to finally open its doors next week. BrewDog Oslo is set to be ready and waiting for our legion of Norwegian fans on Wednesday the 17th of June (Oslo EFP’s get ready!). We have also secured a second location in Stockholm – so stand by for further announcements about BrewDog Söder very soon. BrewDog Rome is also very close to opening, and work has started on converting our amazing location in Brussels.


So, how exactly are we going to mix things up, bar-wise? Well, look no further than the centre of Leeds. As we move forwards, we have developed a tightly-linked family of concepts for our new bars – and one of the first of these will be our second site in this outgoing city, which next month is going to be our first ShuffleDog. A draught-only BrewDog bar, decked out with four amazing shuffleboard tables, vintage arcade games, pinball machines, and anything else we can get hold of to keep thumbs less than idle when they need some exercise. ShuffleDog is all about interaction, not sitting in cosy chairs all afternoon. Where better to drink than coin-op heaven?


As you all know, currently we only have one DogTap – the original brewery bar attached to our Ellon HQ (literally, you can gaze through the glass door at our brewers going about their business). However, we are going to take this concept on the road. The next generation of DogTaps will only sell BrewDog beer, tailored perfectly for smaller spaces. If you live somewhere other than a major UK city, and have always wanted a BrewDog Bar, then a DogTap could well be making an appearance in your town very soon!


We love our original BottleDog, located on Grey’s Inn Road in Kings Cross. A welcoming den of hundreds of the best and freshest craft beers from around the UK and all corners of the globe. And it has proved so popular that we are going to be looking for more BottleDog sites – each one of which will have an on-sales licence so you can pop the cap off your purchases as soon as you leave the till, and enjoy on site with likeminded people. Our second BottleDog is taking shape in Edinburgh, and a third will follow suit in Glasgow.


Speaking of Glasgow, we have been promising something extremely exciting for the good people of this city for some time. So we enjoyed the Glaswegian woops at the AECC that greeted the announcement of our first DogHouse. Our Merchant City site is going to have everything we do in one location – and it’s going to be immense. A full restaurant, BrewDog bar and the aforementioned BottleDog under a single roof in a prime corner of Scotland’s largest city. It’s been a while to get over the line, but when DogHouse Glasgow opens, it will be very much worth the wait!

Dog Eat Dog

Again, this leads into the next of our new family of BrewDog bars – Dog Eat Dog. Licensing issues have really held us back at our first of these – but we are on it and determined to convert the old Giraffe Bar & Grill on Essex Road in Angel into our debut Dog Eat Dog. Craft beer and hotdogs go together amazingly well, and we will have a massive selection of both to feature at this Islington location. From there, look for other members of the Dog Eat Dog pack to appear in the near future!

The Newington Fix

Finally from our bar division, we have more news from the AGM. The other concept that Dave and his fantastic team are developing is The Fix – an epic artisan coffee and beer bar. During the day, we will be showcasing a range of expertly-sourced coffee, and later on, the freshest craft beers we can get our hands on. That’s not to say you can’t drink beer during the day, or coffee later of course – it’s entirely up to you!

We are working closely with great coffee suppliers and know The Fix will be hugely popular. But where will the first one be? Well, we can announce today that it is destined for South Clerk Street, Edinburgh. We have purchased the site and are waiting on a licence – once in, we will begin work on bringing the people of the capital the coffee and the craft beer they deserve, in our second site in Edinburgh – the Newington Fix.


Away from future bars, we also announced to our legion of Equity Punks further detail on another project that we are planning for the near future. As Martin said on stage, ‘we are turning on a really exciting tangent for beer’ – and that particular tangent we are exploring is sour beer. Whenever we run #MashTag, we continually get asked to start brewing sours, and the unexpected joys of wild fermentation, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus are set to be unleashed in an Aberdeen site very soon. Once we add wood and time, the fruit of our sour programme will be unleashed, and our facility will have a visitor centre, so you can come and taste the sours on location.


Beer and spirits are intrinsically linked. With whisky, we share a common starting point (the mashing of grain), and with gin a proud British heritage. Being based in northern Scotland, we have always wanted to shake up the world of distillation, the way the industry is being developed and innovated overseas. Scotland isn’t going to be left behind on our watch. So we are developing the Granite City Craft Distillery, to light a fire under the UK spirits market.

Located in our Ellon brewhouse, our custom-built pot and gin stills will be used to make inventive small-batch spirits using our BrewDog beers as a base. Hop-infused Jack Hammer gin? Oak-aged spirits matured on site, with the casks then being used to age our beers? This project is about creating something new, whilst adding as much flavour and originality into spirits as we possibly can. It’s going to be quite a ride.


We will also be looking to brew yet more amazing collaboration beers with our friends across the world of beer. Only yesterday, we welcomed Yuseff and Chris from Ballast Point to brew a Mezcal-inspired 11% strong ale, which will be aged in Islay whisky casks. Next month, we will be producing a beer with Logan and the team from Beavertown that will also be suitably epic. The collabs we were involved with over the last year were all hugely exciting – and we can’t wait to produce more over the next twelve months!


Oh, we almost forgot. Any day now…

Stay tuned to the BrewDog blog for further news about each of these upcoming areas; we’ll be looking at exactly how your investment will make these projects happen. Oh, and for those of you who made the journey to party with us at the AECC and have eagle-eyes, you’ll notice that one very significant announcement made by James and Martin isn’t in the above list. That’s because we’ll be kicking off these specific posts by bringing you the full details of this truly epic news in a special blog this Friday. BrewDog are about to go TransAtlantic…

You can find out more about investing in BrewDog at www.brewdog.com/equityforpunks

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Comments (21)

Greg 12.06.2015 @ 11:42am
In the spirit of coin op heaven for the new Leeds bar, can I suggest a Cranky Crabs game. What could possibly go wrong with people drinking beer whilst wielding a hammer (soft rubber of course)?
Neil B 12.06.2015 @ 11:19am
Still no more news on the Norwich bar? Norwich needs you! Any hint of where you're likely to be going?
David Ellis 12.06.2015 @ 10:01am
Please, please buy the Station Hotel in Ellon and drag it into the 21st century!
PeteH 11.06.2015 @ 12:24pm
Just found Athenaeum on Google maps - on the corner of Union Street and Castle Street.
Looks great. Central, loads bigger and staggering distance from #1 Brewdog Bar.

Also looking forward to visiting Brewdog Brussels when it opens.
Dave 10.06.2015 @ 9:22pm
Still nothing for Belfast?
BrewDog Rich 10.06.2015 @ 9:50am
To Rev Joe, Mai Lan and anyone else wondering about our plans for Columbus - maybe you won't have to wait until Friday to find out after all. Just saying. ;)
Monika 10.06.2015 @ 9:28am
Sour beer! Hurray!!!!
Also massively excited about Brussels! :-)
Rev. Joe 09.06.2015 @ 8:50pm
So are you coming to Columbus? That's the word on the street...and we'd welcome you with open arms!
BrewDog Rich 09.06.2015 @ 8:06pm
Mike Maguire - Unfortunately we had issues with the site we wanted for the Academy, but it's something we are still keen to open in London. Keep an eye on future UK Bar updates!

Mai Lan - Read the last sentence ;)

Mike/Don_Mike - You're not the only ones who have shared that opinion (or that name). We can't wait to get in and get 'renovating'...
Eck 09.06.2015 @ 6:45pm
Loving the different types of bars. Hope to see one in Stirling soon!
Mai lan 09.06.2015 @ 6:17pm
Can you throw us any bones on any news of Columbus Ohio locations? ;).
Mike 09.06.2015 @ 5:40pm
Yay I have also being saying for ages, about a Brewdog Mothership bar in Aberdeen, great choice, same one I was thinking about also :D
Mike Maguire 09.06.2015 @ 5:28pm
All incredibly amazing! But what ever happened to the planned BrewDog Beer Academy: https://www.brewdog.com/lowdown/blog/5-things-we-are-excited-about-in-2013
Odd Arild 09.06.2015 @ 5:22pm
Fantastic. See you in Oslo next wednesday!
Leezie 09.06.2015 @ 3:40pm
I just moved to Edinburgh! :D
Ricky 09.06.2015 @ 3:00pm
You had me at mezcal...
Don_Mike 09.06.2015 @ 2:56pm
I've been saying for years that you guys should take over the Athenaeum! Amazing news
Steve 09.06.2015 @ 2:55pm
Had the pleasure of a JAck Hammer can or two at the AGM - I can confirm it was worth waiting for
BrewDog Rich 09.06.2015 @ 2:22pm
shaun - we're still looking for a second site in the second city! Not off the agenda, no
Martin 09.06.2015 @ 2:21pm
shaun 09.06.2015 @ 2:15pm
You previously announced Birmingham II. Is this now off the agenda?