Our latest Sales Dog

meet our newest team member

Our latest Sales Dog

Chris Mair is a BrewDog fan, an Equity for Punks investor, a published writer on craft beer, has ran a few pubs in Edinburgh and has a penchant drinking Tokyo* on top of snowy mountains (see pic). We are delighted to announce he is now also heading up our Scottish Sales team. Chris will look to build on our success in Scotland so far and help us continue our rapid growth as we look to redefine the beer market and turn dispassionate fizzy yellow beer drinkers into bona fide craft beer aficionados.

Note we are also still looking to hire a UK Sales and Marketing Manager too - email james@brewdog.com if you are interested.

Over to Chris.........

Imagine you’re on the sofa, about to watch your national football side on the telebox. It’s the World Cup Final, and all is at stake. You’re chilled out, you’ve got a pizza, a Punk IPA and you’ve got an hour before kick off. Then your phone goes, and out of nowhere you’ve got a place in the side. No time to lose, you’re being picked up and flown direct to the stadium. How cool is that?

OK, it’s pretty cool, but how do you feel? Elated? Certainly, it’s a huge deal. This is something you watch, you follow, you care about, you love, and you invest time and money in. You cheer for this team, you revel in their successes, and you feel the pain of their disappointments.

So you’re finally going to play, you’re finally one of the team. So now how do you feel now it’s actually sunk in?

Well I’ll tell you, pleasantly terrified

say hi - chris@brewdog.com


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Comments (2)

Ben Hodgkinson 31st August, 2010 12:51pm
Big congrats Chris! You're a fantastic fit for the BrewDog guys (based on your Twitter activity at any rate). Good luck!
Adrian 23rd August, 2010 4:30pm
Well done on the new job Chris! It sounds like you will do a great job. Good to see a fan and an investor join the team