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Canned beer has come a long way since the days of middling supermarket bitter and anonymous Eurolagers. The gaudy era of widgets has been and gone; the hissing plastic wasps consigned to the history books. We love modern canned craft beer because it focuses solely on two specific things – the high-tech, space-age canning plants that are now available – and the fact that the beer being put through this machinery and into aluminium is far, far better than that reached for by your Dad, watching Saturday afternoon wrestling on ITV.

So this week, we are starting the first runs from our newly-installed futuristic canning line, here at our Ellon HQ. As you know, we’re not one to do things by halves, that’s why we’ve connected up the largest craft canning line in Europe, featuring a German-engineered 40-head filler. In order to ensure no oxygen infiltrates (it being the enemy of beer), our Swiss seamer employs a state of the art ‘bubble breaker’, removing and replacing the pillow of CO2 on top of the beer microseconds before the cap is sealed.

In short, our canning line is freaking amazing.

Putting beer in cans has so many advantages – cans effectively keep out light reaching the beer and they also keep out oxygen. Cans obviously weigh less and are therefore easier to transport for ourselves and our customers; they are easier to chill on hot days.

We’re hugely excited to be bringing canning capability back in-house, so we can control it fully and ensure the very best beer gets to you in the best shape possible. At the moment we brew our canned beer at our Ellon HQ then ship it to England where it is canned for us, but this does not give us the control or growth potential we need.

In terms of numbers, our new canning line is the fastest in Europe that packages non-pasteurised, non-sterile filtered beer. Running at maximum speed, we can fill 34,000 cans of full-flavoured craft beer an hour.

Speaking of which, we are planning to release the following from the start; Punk IPA, This. Is. Lager, Dead Pony Pale Ale and Jack Hammer (!) in 330ml cans, and Punk IPA in 500ml cans. Don’t discount any others following, though – if there’s a BrewDog beer you very definitely would love to see encased in a welcoming metal sleeve, then let us know in the comments below! BrewDog and cans – made for each other; and now, made right here.

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Comments (43)

Dan 18.04.2015 @ 9:19pm
500ml Punk... will be gracing the back of my car on the way to festivals this summer! Would be great to see 5am in cans too
Aubery 14.04.2015 @ 10:44pm
Riptide + Hardcore = Ripcore =)
EJ 14.04.2015 @ 5:43pm
+1 for 5am in cans. Oosht!
Josh Whitcher 11.04.2015 @ 10:01pm
Would love to see 5am in cans.
Shealesy 08.04.2015 @ 7:12pm
5am and Nanny State would go down an absolute treat in those cheeky wee cans.
Chris Moss 07.04.2015 @ 9:58pm
Hardcore & 5am

Cans of seasonals & IPA is dead would be good too
GERARDO 07.04.2015 @ 10:13am

Can't wait to see those half litre Punkies!!
NinjaDanBear 06.04.2015 @ 2:15pm
5AM please "_"
BrewDog Rich 06.04.2015 @ 9:00am
Lot of votes for Five AM! And for a video of it working - we'll definitely try to make that happen once it's fully up and running

Ian - Thanks! It's great to finally get it back in-house

Tomas - We'll do our best!
Ian Bearpark 05.04.2015 @ 11:53pm
good luck with your own line, a good decision. I agree with some others and hope to see 5 AM Saint in can, the unsung hero in your range
Tomas 05.04.2015 @ 9:58pm
You know Jack has to come to Gothenburg.
SJLunn 05.04.2015 @ 9:25pm
Great idea! Your canned beer already tastes as good as the draught product. Thank you for not pasteurising the beer – it always alters the taste.
Honeymonster 05.04.2015 @ 4:59pm
Dogma and jackhammer in 500ml cans would be the dogs nuts!
Curt 04.04.2015 @ 9:49pm
Cocoa Psycho would be awesome!!!

I'm sure that everything will eventually be in cans though.
Ross B 04.04.2015 @ 5:32pm
5am and Alice Porter please ????????????????????
Stefan 04.04.2015 @ 4:34pm
5AM and Cocoa Psycho would be awesome.
MAtt 04.04.2015 @ 4:04pm
Pekka 03.04.2015 @ 11:05pm
Can we get a video of it in action?
Thomas McCabe 03.04.2015 @ 1:24pm
TheBBG 02.04.2015 @ 11:12pm
Another vote for 5am Saint (sorry - Red Ale) in cans.

And how's about Nanny State?
Fanboy Puppy Lover 02.04.2015 @ 9:32pm
Great news! Delighted that this is now done in-house and there is the option of 500ml cans too. Nanny State for summer party drivers?
mal 02.04.2015 @ 9:21pm
Mike 02.04.2015 @ 9:11pm
libertine & Ingrid in all her forms
BrewDog Rich 02.04.2015 @ 5:07pm
Chris - Yes, modern cans have coatings that eliminate the 'tinny' flavours of old cans (that I'm certainly old enough to remember)

Mark - Stay tuned!

Bob - That was the first thing on the blueprint... ;)
Matt 02.04.2015 @ 5:00pm
Bourbon Baby pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeee!
Chris 02.04.2015 @ 4:55pm
I've always wondered, are the inside of the cans coated with something? Aluminium is reactive and aluminium in your beer isn't such a good idea
Dipak 02.04.2015 @ 2:24pm
Five AM????
Mark 02.04.2015 @ 2:03pm
Will these hit the U.S.? please say yes.
Bob 02.04.2015 @ 1:34pm
Behold the majesty!

Fantastic news. This will also stop me being the annoying one who kept asking Martin and James at the AGM 'When is the canning line coming? When? When?'
BrewDog Rich 02.04.2015 @ 1:30pm
We'll see what we can do about a video, when it's fully operational!

Funny how our higher-abv beers always seem to be requested... ;)
PeteH 02.04.2015 @ 1:22pm
34,000 cans per hour ! Wow !
And Jackhammer in cans. At the above rate, you may just keep up with demand for Jackhammer in Nottingham.
Justice League 02.04.2015 @ 1:20pm
I need a video of it doing it's thang! Like "How It's Made" style :)
Dan 02.04.2015 @ 1:12pm
This year's mashtag! Do iiiiiiit
Ole P 02.04.2015 @ 1:12pm
I´d actually love to see a run of Tokyo* in cans. Reason being that it is dryhopped and I wonder how a really fresh one tastes. I had older ones from several batches (including batch 1) and got one with a best before of my 31st birthday cellared, but a really fresh one...that would be new.
hystrix_cristata 02.04.2015 @ 1:00pm
500ml of 18.2% Tokyo* please.
David 02.04.2015 @ 12:45pm
KongTheApe 02.04.2015 @ 12:44pm
An hours worth of Jackhammer should do me, just need to figure out where to store it....
BeerDude 02.04.2015 @ 12:43pm
Jackhammer in cans! Yassss!
Mike 02.04.2015 @ 12:35pm
Fantastic news! Goodto see the canning line finally up and running. Would also like to see Libertine Black, Nanny State and Five AM please!!
Sitzpinkler 02.04.2015 @ 12:21pm
Hardcore. Cans of sweet, life giving hardcore. Imagine...
Greedo 02.04.2015 @ 11:11am
Nice to hear its being taken back in-house, got to be a good thing for the quality and to get as many cans out there as possible. Must be better for you guys not having to transport the beer down south first!
Luke 02.04.2015 @ 11:09am
Would be good to see a video of it working?
Darren Blackman 02.04.2015 @ 11:08am
34,000 an hour? Blimey. That's some speed