Pimp the Brewery Part 1.

Overhead projectors and latenight chalk outlines

Pimp the Brewery Part 1.

We recently took over the lease on our new unit and now we have all of our building to make beer in. We decided that this was cause for celebration. So, in the time honoured fashion, we decided the best thing to do was to paint a 5 meter high BrewDog logo on the wall. In the process conveniently overlooking the fact that none of us are any good at drawing or painting.

In the words of one of our BrewDog staff " Paint that? Me? No way. I have a tough enough job brushing something relatively straightforward, like my teeth".

Luckily one of our favourite local designers came to our rescue. Artist Johanna Basford (who previously designed and hand-printed the special edition Paradox labels for us) came up with a great plan.

We borrowed (in exchange for some beer) an overhead projector and late last night, when is was very dark, we projected a huge BrewDog logo onto the designated wall.  This then enabled us to trace a chalk outline onto the wall whilst balancing on the toes of a forklift 5 metres above ground. Over the next week we are now going to paint in our chalk outline and should end up with a cool new wall in our new unit. I will post some pictures up once it is finished.

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Ally 23rd August, 2008 10:24am
You could just keep the logo projected 24-7. It would be so Batcave...but I guess not very green.