Pimp the Brewery Part 1. Completed

Suggest more pimps! Win beer!

Pimp the Brewery Part 1. Completed

Last weekend we traced a huge BrewDog logo on the wall of our newest unit using only an overhead projector, a forklift and superhuman powers of concentration. This weekend we decided to paint it.

The original outline story is here:


Anyway we love the finished thing, it was all painted by James (me!) although none of the team believe that!

We would welcome any suggestion for Pimp the Brewery Part 2 and promise we will implement the best one. We will also send a mixed case of beer to whoever comes up with the best suggestion. Just leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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Comments (6)

Waineeamany 13th March, 2009 7:19pm
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G Dunbar 9th September, 2008 7:44pm
Sorry dudes, it has to be a statue outside the brewery depicting James and Martin standing triumphantly on a giant Brew Dog shield. Eyes raised heavenwards, beers held proudly aloft saluting the Scottish landscape. Also, one of them should be holding an unfurling scroll inscribed with the Brew Dog manifesto. Bombastic? Yes. Tongue in cheek? Maybe. But more importantly it says: “Portman group? Get it right up ye!!”
Simon Downing 8th September, 2008 7:01pm
tattoos +1.
Also, how about a giant [Beware of BrewDog] sign outside.
Duncan Lacey 1st September, 2008 7:55pm
Get a caricaturist to draw up an amusing likeness of each brewer/employee and copy them, scaled up, onto the walls alone with a giant signature from the relevant person below each. You know, for that personal touch.
Jo 31st August, 2008 7:23pm
I would like to see the team with matching BrewDog logo Tattoos.
Martin 31st August, 2008 5:05pm
Logo looks great.

You could:

1) Give the forklift a pimping paint job, add some fancy rims and a bass bin.

2) Get some old whisky casks, cut them in half and turn them into seats/tables/planters etc..

2) Grow some hops up the wall outside.