P.U.B Quiz

be clever, win beer!

P.U.B Quiz

For some time now we've been giving you the chance to get your grubby mitts on BrewDog beers all in exchange for witty one liners in our caption competitions.

That's all fine and well but we think it's high time the drinkers of BrewDog got the old grey matter ticking over something a bit more taxing which is why we've created the BrewDog P.U.B (Pick Up Beer) quiz.


Since followers of our blog clearly boast both the brains and the looks, the P.U.B quiz should be a cinch.

Be the first to answer all the questions correctly and we'll not only give you kudos by crowning you champion of our first ever P.U.B quiz but we'll also make sure you have something to toast your victory with as a generous selection of BrewDog's finest wings it's way to you in the post.

You'll find all the information you need to answer these bad boys in the news section, on our vlogs and of course within the blog itself.

On a couple of occasions you may also find yourself hopping onto www.PunkDog.com but don't worry about arranging a packed lunch since your ramble through cyberspace stops there; no Google or Wikipedia required.

One winner will be selected at random from all the correct sets of answers sent to the quizmaster extraordinaire -  mhairi@brewdog.com Bracken will also be acting as our (not so) independent adjudicator. 


Good luck and let the quizzing commence!

1.What beers can you punk at punkdog.com?

2.The queen puts in quite a few appearances during the Sink The Bismarck! launch vlog. How many separate shots does her Royal Highness appear in? (A separate shot can constitute a change of location, change of depth of focus as well as the same scene but filmed from a different angle)

3.BrewDog recorded the journey of the Atlantic IPA in a couple of vlogs but what is the name the trawler James sails on?

4.What was the winning entry for our first ever caption competition?

5.What lifetime discount do you get when you become an Equity for Punks shareholder?

6.What was the name of presenter who interviewed James on Sky TV about Equity for Punks?

7.What ABV was the original Tokyo?

8. Which three BrewDog beers contain Galena hops?

9.BrewDog's newest addition is Tom Cadden aka MagicDave but which unlikely establishment first got Tom into beer?

10. How do James and Martin destroy bottles of Stella and Becks in the 77 Lager V-blog?

Good luck. Email the answers to Mhairi@brewdog.com

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Comments (3)

magicdave6 28th March, 2010 3:35am
This is a great quiz, im really curious to see what answers we get!
James, BrewDog 27th March, 2010 9:05pm
Should be working now.
Danny Ashton 27th March, 2010 6:18pm
the email to which we send the answers doesnt work. i tried mhairi with lower case, i get a delivery status notification (Failure) every time.