Punk Caption Competition 1

be witty, win beer.......

Punk Caption Competition 1

Apart from being a pretty good reason why you should never put Punk IPA in the freezer we also thought this would be a good picture for the first in our serious of captions competitions.

The person who comes up with the most fitting caption for this image will be sent a free mixed case and a BrewDog t-shirt.

So what are you waiting for? Get your thinking hats on Punks!


All the entries were wicked, we are looking forward to the next caption contest!

And the winner is: David Stark  'Anarchy in the IPA'

with Ben Wideman a close second: After several failed attempts, Brew Dog comes to the realization that their new product - Punk IPA Ice Cream - needs to be packaged in something other than a bottle.

David, please send an email to james@brewdog.com to claim your prize!





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Comments (43)

Mike McGuigan 2nd August, 2009 4:57am
And they said Ice Beer was dead . . .
Jon Ramsey 25th July, 2009 1:06am
Punk IPA gets you smashed.

(one for the Portman group).
mogg 24th July, 2009 6:59pm
Punk ipa : too cool to need bottle
James Reid 24th July, 2009 6:23pm
Glyn Roberts 24th July, 2009 2:48pm
Sid Vicious was never this Punk!
Adrian 24th July, 2009 1:51pm
Does my Punk look big in this?
Mr John 24th July, 2009 1:50pm
I am an alien. I am a legal alien. I am an Englishman in New York.
Graeme 24th July, 2009 1:23pm
jason John 24th July, 2009 1:08pm
The new small batch experimental punk double IPA needs some work
Dave paton 24th July, 2009 12:45pm
Punks not dead, its just cryogenically frozen
Carl Grigg 23rd July, 2009 5:13pm
Our 2 packs differ from the monolithic corporate brewers 2 packs in the same way our beer does. Our 2 packs are hand assembled, hand stapled and hand packed with care, love and attention. We put them together with the same hands-on approach we have with brewing our beers.
David Stark 23rd July, 2009 1:47pm
Anarchy in the IPA
Simon Treacy 23rd July, 2009 1:36pm
The punk-back of notredamn!
Kelly Ryan 23rd July, 2009 1:07pm
I need a holiday in Cambodia...
Dubbel 23rd July, 2009 12:35pm
The BrewDog boys plan to cram even more juicy hops into an already brutish IPA appeared to have its limitations.
CJM 23rd July, 2009 12:20pm
Tom Roseveare 23rd July, 2009 12:04pm
Youre only supposed to blow the bloody cap off
Tim Boyle 23rd July, 2009 11:52am
Punk IPA - guarenteed to get you shattered
Chris E 23rd July, 2009 11:39am
Even the bottle got smashed on Punk IPA
Mo 23rd July, 2009 11:36am
Punk 1; Bottle 0
Mo 23rd July, 2009 11:32am
This beer is so PUNK you dont need to throw the bottle at the riot police (to smash it)
Peter Hodgson 23rd July, 2009 10:52am
Shit! What a waste!
Andrew 23rd July, 2009 9:11am
Punk IPA is bursting with hops - the tropical fruit flavours just arent meant to stay in the bottle
Shirley 23rd July, 2009 8:52am
This was not the kind of expansion the Brewdog guys had in mind.
Stu A 23rd July, 2009 8:21am
This is NOT what I had in mind when I asked to crack open a beer for me.
colin mallon 23rd July, 2009 3:08am
Punk IPA.... too cool for glass.
ken butler 22nd July, 2009 11:23pm
The Physics of freezin a Punk
Sven Cahling 22nd July, 2009 9:53pm
Hey, Punk, whats crackalackin?
Brian 22nd July, 2009 9:46pm
Can you handle this beer? The bottle can t.
Jimbeaux 22nd July, 2009 9:09pm
Evidence that mitosis in Punk IPA fails at low temperatures.
Erick 22nd July, 2009 9:03pm
Message in a Bottle!!
craig garvie 22nd July, 2009 8:26pm
Have you got the Bottle to Try our Punk IPA
Dan Weston 22nd July, 2009 8:16pm
Renowned scientists Dr Watt and DR Dickie were able to clone a once extinct Punk IPA found frozen in ice for 1 million years.
craig garvie 22nd July, 2009 8:06pm
PunK IPA. Your never too COOL to crack one open
kev 22nd July, 2009 7:57pm
itsPunk IPA dont freeze its balls
Ben Wideman 22nd July, 2009 7:46pm
After several failed attempts, Brew Dog comes to the realization that their new product - Punk IPA Ice Cream - needs to be packaged in something other than a bottle.
Dan Cave 22nd July, 2009 7:33pm
In hiendsite a mosh pit in the freezer wasnt the best idea this punk had had in a while.
Brian Colburn 22nd July, 2009 7:33pm
If we cant keep it in the bottle, How can you keep it in your Pants?
Reuben Gray 22nd July, 2009 7:12pm
Punk IPA, too much of a punk for a bottle.
The Beer Nut 22nd July, 2009 7:05pm
BrewDog: beer with integrity; bottles... not so much.
andy mogg 22nd July, 2009 6:43pm
BrewDog dont make ice lollies but if they did they would probably be the hardest ice lollies ever.
Simon Smith 22nd July, 2009 6:40pm
Punk IPA can it ever to too cool!
Matt Gray 22nd July, 2009 6:39pm
One of the many reasons Dr. Bruce Banner should never brew beer.