Love Punk? Why not brew it yourself?


Recreating the work of others in the comfort of our homes is something that we do far more than we actually realise. Every time we open a recipe book, for instance, it is to replicate the labours of a particular chef (and to a lesser extent, the food stylist – not that it ever ends up looking like the picture). It’s why these semi-prepared ‘Cook Range’ meals are so popular – you feel like it’s you rattling the pans in 40°C heat and shouting “Oui Chef” at an angry twenty-stone man from Barnsley. Having the chance to feel like you’re in the moment is why we enjoy home cooking.

It’s not just food, of course – every time you pull out the Bradley Wiggins cycling gear, or flick on Whitney Houston and reach for the hairbrush, you are consciously portraying the work of someone else. And that is one of the more under-rated reasons why people choose to homebrew. Sure, it’s a great way to get some beer into your house, and learn more about the beer-making process – but fundamentally, at its basest level, it lets you ‘go pro’ for the day and pretend you’ve got your own brewery.

And we’ve teamed up with the Brooklyn Brew Shop to make it that bit more genuine.

We feel a big affinity with homebrewers here at BrewDog – many of our team started out that way, after all. So we thought it would be great to join forces with the homebrewing advocates at BBS and create a cool, re-usable kit to recreate our flagship Punk IPA in your very own home. Contained within, all the key brewing equipment you’ll need alongside the recipe and ingredients (our bespoke Punk IPA malt bill, signature hops and yeast). All you need to add is a large pot, funnel and strainer, and then a bottle capper and some empty Punk IPA bottles! But then, chances are you have a few of those lying around already.

The kit is easy to use, and after your brewday – at which you’ll have full musical clearance over which brewtunes to rock to – in about fourteen days you’ll have a gallon (just under four litres) of fresh, faithfully-replicated Punk IPA. As the experts at the Brooklyn Brew Shop say – “…if you can make oatmeal, you can make beer. Brewing a batch of beer is really no different than cooking dinner from a recipe. It just takes a little more patience.” They also have a full video timeline on their site detailing what to do when, during the entire process.

If you’re an experienced homebrewer, as the Punk recipe has been scaled down exactly, the kit provides a chance to get your teeth into our IPA; recreate it faithfully, or add a twist – it’s up to you. Everything included is totally reusable, and the ingredients pack will soon be added to Brooklyn Brew Shop’s refill section. The Punk IPA Beer Making Kit costs £40 and will be available to buy in all BrewDog bars, BottleDog, and via this link to our online shop. The kit will also be available to order direct from Brooklyn Brew Shop’s online shop, with international shipping.

If you’ve never homebrewed before, why not give it a go? We started with Punk – you could too.

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Comments (37)

BrewDog Rich 13.04.2015 @ 4:33pm
Nick - Ok, sorry for the confusion when you went to try and pick a kit up. Nottingham didn't have any but we'll try and make sure they get some in stock soon! In the meantime, they are still available from our online shop. Hope this helps
BrewDog Rich 11.04.2015 @ 7:29pm
Nick - Let me find out and I'll get back to you!
Nick 11.04.2015 @ 4:18pm
I popped into the Nottingham bar today to pick one up as I was passing......and they didn't have any. In fact they've never had any and have no idea if they are getting any or when. Do any of the Brewdog team know if and when they'll be getting any stock, as the guys in the bar certainly don't?
Andy 07.04.2015 @ 7:43pm
wow guys chill :). I bought a Brooklyn Brew Shop's starter kit a year ago and was my entry into homebrew. The kits are well explained, come with nearly everything you need (large sieve, pots to boil wort in and funnels/filters not included) and are a manageable size for part time home brewers without taking over the house. Brooklyn are dearer than doing it all yourself but it's a fantastic intro into homebrew. I'll be buying the Punk IPA refill kit the moment it's available.
Kenneth E 07.04.2015 @ 1:03pm
The kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop jumpstarted my home brewing career two years ago. I would rate these kits as a perfect starting kit for beginners. Still use the siphon and growler. Recipe is also very understandable and works well as a "learn to brew" introduction.

For me, brewing at home is not a question of price pr. bottle and beer economy. Home brewing is about mastering the art of making good beer and doing so with goo friends. Home brewing is enhanced quality of life. I would do it even if the economy in it was horrible. Just because its fun.

Get a kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop. Its well worth both the price and the fun it will make in your kitchen. Cheers!!!
BrewDog Rich 06.04.2015 @ 8:57am
Lot of comments about the cost - firstly, we're fully aware that you can probably compile a homebrew set up cheaper than this; but this is the only kit where you can get the exact recipe and scaled quantities for Punk IPA. Also, it's fully resuable.

Norman - Yes, refill kits will be available in due course so you can use those if you've already got the gear set up.

Jason - We're partnered with Brooklyn Brew Shop for this, if we released a 20l kit it would cost hundreds of dollars to ship over from the States! We had to make it feasible in terms of size.

Simon - It's a true BrewDog recipe, only it's a BrewDog beer that YOU make ;)
Simon 05.04.2015 @ 10:48am
I like Punk IPA. I REALLY like Punk IPA, but not at £48, and especially when this is a 1 gallon recipe (6-7 pints after wastage). I would never pay £7 a pint, especially when it's not even a true BrewDog. [sigh]
Jason 04.04.2015 @ 8:38pm
Too small to be useful, make a full sized kit, i.e. 23l and I'd be interested. With the usual beer tax (thirsty mates) I have enough trouble making a normal brew last. This is a novelty item that would collect dust as soon as anyone got serious about home brewing, especially as even with just a good extract kit and some well chosen additional hops I can make 20l of IPA that will stand shoulder to shoulder with Punk...
norman 04.04.2015 @ 6:49pm
@brewdogrich can you get just the ingredients if you have the equipment
BrewDog Rich 01.04.2015 @ 8:43am
Saul - Sure, you can get a fair bit in your local homebrew shop for £50 - but what you can't get is the exact recipe and specifications for Punk to recreate at home. There are IPA mixes and hops aplenty, but this kit is for people who want to try and replicate our IPA at home and then have the gear to keep on their homebrewing journey.
Saul Goodmam 01.04.2015 @ 3:57am
£48 inc delivery for six and a bit Imperial pints (minus sediment). Why would anyone in their right mind want to do this? Go to your local home brewing shop and see what you get for £50. Clue, it's not six pints.
Aza 31.03.2015 @ 11:58pm
With the average pint costing $10-15 Australian, and Punk bering a fairly expensive price per carton down here, it works out fairly well priced.
Bill Willox 31.03.2015 @ 4:55pm
Refill kit shipped to uk $62.45!! is this right?
Graham Mackay 31.03.2015 @ 4:53pm
The mutts nuts brewery
Carl Edberg 31.03.2015 @ 4:43pm
Naah, Punk IPA is my favorite beer, so I leave the brewing to you guys. Probably wouldn't be my favorite anymore if I would give it a go... But interesting concept though! Can't wait to read comments from people who try this.
BrewDog Rich 31.03.2015 @ 3:16pm
Belgian Dude - Nice marmot! As I said before, every part of the kit reusable, so once you've paid for it you've got a small-scale homebrew kit ready to be used again and again!
belgian dude 31.03.2015 @ 3:09pm
Bit expensif for 4liters of beer..... muh
BrewDog Rich 31.03.2015 @ 3:04pm
Leif/Gregsy - the refill kits are coming soon!
BrewDog Rich 31.03.2015 @ 2:56pm
JohnColemanUK - Where are you seeing that?
Gregsy 31.03.2015 @ 2:54pm
Will you be doing refill kits too? A fiver a pint isn't very good if you have to buy all the equipment each time, or for homebrewers like me who already have all the equipment.
Leif L 31.03.2015 @ 2:43pm
BREWDOG RICH - sure, it just doesn't make it look like the primary target audience.

Now, if you were to sell the ingredients separately (say a "refill kit") then one could buy a few and put together into a larger batch. If I want to experiment, I'll want to have one large base and split it up myself into smaller experimental brews, and splitting a gallon makes for very small-batch beer indeed.
Simon S 31.03.2015 @ 2:34pm
its rather pricey to brew a gallon. May but they kit, harvest the yeast and work out the hop bill & grain Bill
John C 31.03.2015 @ 2:25pm
The beer making kit says it's a single hop IPA with El Dorado hops. Punk IPA is obviously very famous for using Simcoe along with uses Chinook, Ahtanum & Nelson Sauvin.

Why say the recipe is the same as the Punk IPA? I think it would have been better to brand the beer kit as IPA is Dead and then you could do various kits using different hops?
BrewDog Rich 31.03.2015 @ 2:13pm
Ludovic/Dave/Timmyshenka - Yep, this kit lets you brew 1 US gallon (3.8 litres) of Punk IPA, and everything - apart from the ingredients, which will soon be in Brooklyn's refills section - is fully reusable!
BrewDog Rich 31.03.2015 @ 2:08pm
Alex - You must be trying to buy it from the Brooklyn site? If you live in the UK, use the link at the end of the post - our online shop shipping starts at £7...

Mattia - Nope, it's a genuine product!

Leif - Thanks! Experienced homebrewers might revel in the chance to brew Punk, either to see how close they could get it, or could augment with other things to add their own stamp to it?
Timmyshenka 31.03.2015 @ 2:07pm
Seems a bit pricey for home brew £40 for 1 gallon? Think I'll leave it to brewdog! ????
Dave Striebel / Switzerland 31.03.2015 @ 2:05pm
is it right that this kit is for 1 gallon (3.8 liters) beer?
Ludovic Farine 31.03.2015 @ 1:48pm
How many pints can you make out of the kit?
hopoPhiliac 31.03.2015 @ 1:44pm
THAT makes a perfect gift! Yeah!
Leif L 31.03.2015 @ 1:41pm
PeteH - also, Stella is cheaper than Punk IPA in the supermarket.

That said, I would have liked to have seen a larger kit. But a gallon is something people don't need any special kit for boiling, so I can see why this was chosen. It's not even (really) for the hobbyist brewer, it's for those who have never tried homebrew before, and probably wouldn't otherwise.
Mattia 31.03.2015 @ 1:37pm
Is this a prank for the April's fools'day?
Alex 31.03.2015 @ 1:34pm
I want to buy and I live in UK, but "Priority Mail International $62.35" is impossible!
A 31.03.2015 @ 1:15pm
BrewDog Rich 31.03.2015 @ 12:55pm
peteH - homebrewing's not just about making cheap beer though, is it? These kits - of which everything is fully reusable - give people a chance to have a go at home. Sure, you could buy a gallon of Punk cheaper, but you can't make it yourself any other way!

Steve_T - It's the same recipe! Scaled down, obviously
Steve_T 31.03.2015 @ 12:52pm
Be interesting to see how faithful a copy of the big boy recipe this is!
Darty 31.03.2015 @ 12:51pm
Does it come with a miniature Bowman or Franz?
PeteH 31.03.2015 @ 12:47pm
£40 for 8 pints of (draught) Punk IPA !
It's not the cheap alternative that homebrew used to be.
In fact, with EFP discount, it's cheaper to buy the beer in a Brewdog bar.