Our 6th Birthday bash and rockin' AGM


You can invest in BrewDog at www.brewdog.com/equityforpunks

On Saturday 1,807 Equity Punks and guests joined us at the AECC for 11 hours jam packed with 54 different craft beers, 5,824 individual tastings of 4 newly released beers, 6 rockin' bands, one wicked pilot brew and a recap of the past 12 months of BrewDog. James and Martin spoke about the last 12 months and shared our plans for the future.

Thanks to everyone who came along. We hope you all had as much of a blast as we had! Here is what the day looked like:













You can invest in BrewDog at www.brewdog.com/equityforpunks


You can invest in BrewDog at www.brewdog.com/equityforpunks  

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Comments (6)

Cateran 26th June, 2013 12:36pm
Excellent weekend from the rush in a taxi to get there on time (missed the queues) till we eventually left the Brewdog pub on Sunday after the visit to the brewery. Fantastic time and we met so many great folk. Electric India was pretty braw.
AndyC 25th June, 2013 1:22pm
It was so much fun, really enjoyed my weekend and my +1 invested when we were there. So that certainly worked pretty well ;) Cheers
sduff 25th June, 2013 12:06pm
Last year was grand. This year even better. Very well organised. Cheers !
Christopher A 25th June, 2013 10:30am
It looks like barrels of fun! Very much looking forward to heading up there next year!
drk 25th June, 2013 9:26am
Well done guys!
Pete H., Nottm. 24th June, 2013 11:10pm
Looks as good as last year, if not better.Still recovering from not being able to go this year.