Punks in the Park

TV Cameras, Celebrities and playing the piano with toes

Punks in the Park

Oz Clark and James May are currently filming a new BBC show (Big Beer Adventure), they previously did a show with a similar format for wine, see


So when they asked Martin and myself if we wanted to be involved in the beer series we were happy to oblige. As the picture suggests the BrewDog beer tasting took place on a park bench in sunny princess street gardens (Edinburgh). For added authenticity the beers were served in brown paper bags and stored in a black holdall. In an unusual twist frozen peas were also used to keep the beers cold as the supermarket ran out of ice.

Highlights include...

Me telling Oz Clarke he could play the piano with his toes, seriously they were like fingers.

Convincing Oz and James that Paradox tastes better with your left shoe and sock off and then proceeding the throw the aforementioned shoes into the bushes.

James May getting so enraged about the Portman Group threatening to blacklist out beers that he threw a bottle of Punk IPA which actually hit the camera man.

They really enjoyed our beers and we had a good fun, lively debate with these D-list celebrities, incidentally we think they would both be great on Celebrity Big Brother or the one in the jungle (I am a beer/wine expert get me out of here!)

The resulting chaos is either going to be screened on BBC 2 in October or January - I will let you all know. It will also be available online for those of you outside the UK and a link will also be posted.

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Comments (2)

Edward B. Friday 19th August, 2008 8:07pm
What is the bloody problem with these people blacklisting your beers Its not like its a drink for tramps like Tennants Super or anything Orkney Brewery produces a 10 percent product and duh wine and whisky are much stronger Several wonderful Belgian beers are very strong and your stuff is on the same plane as these fantastic quality beers I really dont see what these killjoys problems are with it What a pile of dark stuff and I dont mean your stout.
Edward B. friday 19th August, 2008 7:54pm
Am just trying the Islay cask Paradox having just tried the Speyside one. Both wonderful beers. Tried your Punk IPQ and Hop Rocker last night. Wonderful stuff. The only pub I know in Aberdeen where I live that serves your stuff on tap is The Moorings and I think I shall be there at the weekend to sample some more as it is a phonomenal stuff and I ve tried many different beers and ales! By the way your blog seems to object to normal gramatical ways of writing which is a little irritating.