Raspberries, Imperial Stouts, Islay Whisky and Abstrakt AB:01


Raspberries, Imperial Stouts, Islay Whisky and Abstrakt AB:01

At BrewDog we like to rock some pretty idiosyncratic beers. In June last year we decided it would be wicked to age an Imperial Stout in Islay whisky casks with bucket loads (literally) of fresh raspberries in each cask. The idea of combining the fruity tartness of Scottish raspberries with the demonic smoke and raw power of an Islay whisky and blending it all together with a big, bold stout fascinated us.


We took 4 Smokehead casks and stuffed 25 kilos (yes 25 kilos!) into each. It was sunny, we were listening to The Sounds to on our improvised brewery sound system and we filled the casks outside. Our hands were stained bright red for days. It was fun and we ate a lot of raspberries just to ensure they were of a high enough quality!

Rake Raspberry Imperial Stout (AB:01)

The beer first made its appearance at The Rake in London to commemorate a weekend's worth of tastings we did there. They had one cask of the beer the venue inspired the name.  Another single cask made its way to Italy for a special event at Mantova. Only a handful of people have tasted this beer so far.


A couple of weeks ago we bottled 50 bottles of this beer. It is now finished re-fermenting in the bottle and is ready to rock.  We are going to sell these 50 bottles our website. The label is also that of a prototype and has even been handwritten by a BrewDog.                                           

You can now buys yours here for £3 per bottle:


You will have to be quick, there are just 50 in total!

We would love to know what you think of it!


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Comments (8)

Maf Bailey 28th July, 2009 4:05pm
Its fantastic. Its so completely different to Paradox that its hard to believe its the same base beer! The raspberries are almost overpowering, which Thornbridge never manage to achieve.

Think the sharpness and fruitiness of the berries, being carried by a smooth, rambunctious beast of a stout... Its incredible.

The West Coast brewing scene would be proud, which Im sure they will be, once you fly some over.
Johnathan 20th July, 2009 4:18pm
Another great beer to open up at our next tasting over here.
Julie 17th July, 2009 4:43pm
Love the photos on this blog, they look awesome.

I hope the beer lives up to the pics!
Pete Hubbard 16th July, 2009 6:59pm
This looks phenomonal.
As does Matteo. ;-)
LostNortherner 16th July, 2009 4:48pm
my bank balance is also ruined, worth it though!
Jimbeaux 16th July, 2009 3:56pm
Stop releasing new stuff... Its killing my bank balance/overdraft.
Johnny 16th July, 2009 2:03pm
a great beer, thanks Matteo for the preview in Mantova
Daniel 16th July, 2009 9:52am
Have ordered, looking forward to sampling this promising brew!