Ingrid and Invalid launch today


It’s been a while since we rocked a two-beer Thursday, so to kick off the month of August we have a pair of spectacular beers hitting the shelves and bars today! Returning champions both, they are taking to the stage once more to be reacquainted with their numerous fans and to gain a whole new group of followers. One has been resurrected by the power of the people, and the other is so bitter we couldn’t restrain it even if we’d wanted to.

Restorative Beverage and Hello My Name is Ingrid are out now.

Restorative Beverage for Invalids and Convalescents

You can buy Restorative Beverage for Invalids and Convalescents here.

There was a time when Punk IPA was the most bitter beer we brewed. In time, that mantle passed to Hardcore IPA and most recently Jack Hammer. But now the recuperative powers of bitterness have a new hero. Restorative Beverage is back, and we have hopped it with four times the kettle hops than its previous release. We have proudly and deliberately skewed it into the furthest reaches of bitterness, as far from the balanced world of the everyday as it is possible to get.

Returning with an amazing piece of bespoke can art by Chris Bianchi – which you can pick up as a t-shirt in our online shop here, Restorative Beverage is savagely bitter and dry from start to the long, long finish. We have brewed this beer with as light a body as possible, before piling on the hops – so if your tastebuds love an onslaught of grapefruit, stone fruit and resin like no other then this is very much the beer for you.

Hello My Name is Ingrid

Equity Punks! You can buy Hello My Name is Ingrid from the link on the Equity Punk forum here!

Also live in the online shop is the return of one of our most formative beers – Ingrid, the very first Hello My Name is… release. This Swedish-inspired double IPA first saw the light of day in 2011 and gained so many disciples that when we opened the books for #ReBrewDog it surged to victory, scoring almost ten percent of the entire vote. Out of the hundreds of beers in the poll, it was to the far north that our blog readers leaned – and so Hello My Name is Ingrid has returned as a result!

Ingrid is available in bottle as an Equity Punk exclusive, as a thank you to the thousands of diehard BrewDog fans in Scandinavia who have supported us since the first round of our innovative share scheme – but for non-shareholders it is on draft in our BrewDog bars from today! The tart edge of the cloudberries add a fascinating layer to the hop bitterness, creating a beer that is pithy, complex and hugely rewarding.

Both of these beers will launch on draft tonight at 6pm, pouring from the taps of our UK Bars – so head along and renew your friendship with them, or discover their mysteries for the first time.

Whether you have tried them before or not – let us know in the comments below what you think of them!

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Comments (3)

BrewDog Rich 16.08.2016 @ 2:00pm
You are quite welcome Pete, sometimes persistence does pay off. Next thing is to get you on the can ;)
Pete H 15.08.2016 @ 12:27pm
I just happened to visit Brewdog Nottingham on Thursday 4th August and was elated when I found not 1, but 2 new IPAs on draught.
And, at long last, the return of RBIC !
All my (and others) pestering has paid off. Thank you Brewdog.
And I picked up some take away cans of RBIC and another bottle of Born To Die.
You made a happy man very old ......
Dave 04.08.2016 @ 5:04pm
BrewDog have just won #IPADay