Ride to Ruination

Cycle 940 miles in 5 days!

Ride to Ruination

It is around two and a half years since James and I started installing tanks and painting the floor in at that time a single industrial unit in Fraserburgh.

We've put in a lot of work since then.

Just lately I've felt like its about time I took a break from all the brewing, packing and paperwork and had a relaxing holiday.

So i did it, i booked a week off work.

Stewart and the BrewTeam are looking forward to getting rid of me and i'm looking forward to long gin soaked days by the pool in an all inclusive package deal in Costa del Boredom.

Of course that's not gonna happen. Working in Brewdog is like nothing else i've done before you are constantly bombarded with workflow for about 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

If you take a day off on a weekend its not long before your back on email or working through a spread sheet or packing some beer for Sweden much to the girlfriend's dismay.

So for my 5 days off I thought I should do something worth while with my time and what's more worth whille than raising money for charity?

I managed to rope in a good friend of mine, Dr Fraser Gormley into taking a few days off too and we thought it would be fun to go for a little bike tour.

So with Cancer Research our chosen charity we felt we had to do something big to make everyone put their hands in their pockets and dig deep for a charity that pretty much everyone can relate to.

We hooked up a major sponsorship deal with our friends from Stone Brewery of 2 of their awsome cycling jerseys each.


We have set up a Sponsorship page and hope that everyone can put a couple of bucks into the pot and hopefully we can raise a decent amount for Cancer Research.

Obviously for such a mamouth challenge you would think that I woud have been training for the last six months putting in 50 mile runs every other day. If your looking for official documentation your going to be gutted..

My whole training regime of 2009 consists of the following-

 7 games of badminton, 35 miles of road running and 15 miles of cycling, two hours on a Karting track and 30 minute in a sauna!

Something tells me that this isn't going to be easy.

The departure time is 6am on Monday 22nd of June, I can't believe i'm missing our staff bar B Q.

Updates will be available on the Blog and on my twitter.

Let' see how much we can raise and how bruised my behind can get in a week.

Also thanks to my girlfriend Ellie for sacrificing her holidays to be the support driver. 

And her side kick will be the newest member of the BrewDog Team and officially Assistant to the BrewDog- Dr Gonzo. 


Thanks everyone.

Martin - www.justgiving.com/fraserandmartin


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Comments (5)

joe sartin 27th June, 2009 8:13pm
Martin Ive not met you but I know Fraser, or should that be Dr Gormley. Good luck with the ride man, youll have a ring of fire at the end!!
Jo 25th June, 2009 8:57pm
Good luck Ellie.
Janice Bode 23rd June, 2009 9:43pm
Good luck Fraser.
James 21st June, 2009 4:14pm
Good Luck Martin!
Dr G 17th June, 2009 3:42pm
Waw Marty, you and that other handsome guy are sooooo fit!