Roll on 2011

Our thoughts on 2010, and plans for 2011.

Roll on 2011

With the dust (and snow!) almost settling on 2010, it was time for us to reflect on the last 12 months and start building our plans for 2011.

2010 has been a whirlwind for us, we have doubled our turnover, opened our first bar and agreed a deal for our 2nd, won a gold at the World Beer Cup, brewed the strongest beer on the planet, sank the Germans, sent a dwarf to number 10 Downing Street, brewed crazy beers and had loads of fund doing it.


What Rocked in 2010…

• Turnover up from £1.7m in 2009 to £3.6m+ in 2010

• BrewDog now available in 27 countries

• Major new contracts at home and abroad.

• World Beer Cup Gold Medal for our Hardcore IPA

• First BrewDog Bar open and completely rocking!

• Kick starting the UK kegged craft beer revolution.

• Making the strongest beer in the world

• Martin taking out cans of Stella with a shot gun - see



What Sucked in 2010…

• Capacity – not being able to come close to meeting the demand for our beers

• Our sales growth outstripping our internal systems and procedures

• Not having enough people in all areas of the company

• Customer Service Levels

• The old lady who used to come past the brewery with an awesome sandwich van retiring. Lunch times just are not the same.

To help ensure we don’t have these issues in 2011, we are currently installing a new software system, have hired a new Brewery Manager and added an extra person to our logistics team. In addition we are adding loads of new fermentation tanks to give us loads more brewing capacity.

Since the start of 2008, our monthly revenue growth looks something like this:


As you will see from the above chart, we have experienced phenomenal growth since we started our business (with 2 humans, a big idea and a dog) just over 3 years ago.

However this is just the beginning for BrewDog.

We are determined to completely redefine the beer drinking culture in the UK and show beer drinkers there is an alternative to the tasteless and mass produced fizzy yellow beers which dominate the UK market.

We brew uncompromising, bold and irreverent beer, beer with a soul and a purpose. And we are on a mission to open as many people’s eyes to craft beer as we can. If we upset some people along the way (which we probably will) we are not going to loose too much sleep over it.


The craft beer revolution is coming to the UK, and we are determined to be at the very forefront of it.

We are just over 3 years old as a brewery. We are still a little raw, and a bit rough round the edges sometimes. However our commitment to aspiring to brew truly world class progressive craft ales has never wavered and we spend every waking second firmly focussed on getting as close to this goal as we possibly can.  Although we are happy with what we have done so far, the world has definitely not seen the best of BrewDog yet.

We also want to hear from you. What can we do better in 2011? What beers would you like to see us brew in 2011?

We have some pretty exciting things plans for 2011, hopefully you all want to be part of them.


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Comments (9)

Keith Reichenbach 04.01.2011 @ 1:35pm
It was great tasting Sink the Bismarck with you guys in New York City.
Sir Alex Ferguson 04.01.2011 @ 11:01am
How about now with the revival of Aberdeen FC, under the leadership of Craig Brown (let's get carried away after 3 games), we see the Brewdog logo proudly displayed on the AFC shirt? Also, why not brew a beer to celebrate the 1983 Cup Winners Cup victory? Might get more locals interested in Brewdog as would have made an ideal Christmas present to have a beer called 'Gothenburg '83'.
John Kruger 02.01.2011 @ 10:07pm
Get back to the beer media with a quote (please?)
Thomas Marshall 02.01.2011 @ 6:36pm
My beer wishes. Riptide with Stilton and Punk IPA with Amarillo.
David Moffat 02.01.2011 @ 5:10pm
what an amazing job guys !!!!!Remember there are some outstanding folk out here. Willing to help drive your sales and standards ...... Just email ;-)
Tom Archer 02.01.2011 @ 12:31pm
Forget kegged beers unless you can get them to match the quality of flavour found in the cask versions. Punk IPA definately works better as a kegged ale than it does on cask. However 5am Saint on cask is seriously my favourite beer ever, it is fantastic on cask but the keg version has none of the hoppiness and flavour, i might as well be drinking it from the bottle.
Adrian 02.01.2011 @ 12:07pm
Great Work guys. The growth is phenemenal. Looking forward to watching BrewDog continue to burn it up in 2011.
Graham 02.01.2011 @ 12:06pm
Would love to see your take on a bock or a honey brown lager in 2011!
Lee S 02.01.2011 @ 11:44am
Best of Luck for the New Year fellas. Love your work, keep it up!