San Diego v Mantova: Transatlantic BrewDog Events

Hamilton's Tavern and Ales & Co rock out with BrewDog

San Diego v Mantova: Transatlantic BrewDog Events

Last weekend saw 2 fantastic BrewDog events on either side of the planet. Hamilton's Tavern (San Diego's Best Bar) hosted a killer BrewDog evening which launched BrewDog's draught beer in the USA and Ales & Co (our Italian importer) put on a stunning party in Mantova, Italy.


Scott Blair's event at Hamilton's was totally rocking. Stunning Punk IPA baseball shirts and killer orange Dogma t-shirts were the order of the day as Punk IPA, Dogma, Paradox Isle of Arran and zeitgeist were all on draught and Paradox Springbank and Hardcore IPA were served as cask conditioned ales. Zephyr, How to Disappear Completely and Atlantic IPA also made cameo appearance. It was the first time our keykegs had made their debut stateside and the results were great!


It was a great evening and James and all the BrewDog team would like to say a huge thanks to Blair and Hamilton's Tavern for all their ongoing support; you guys rock!

While James was busy in San Diego, Matteo Milan (BrewDog Brewer and bottle conditioning genius) was in his native Italy. Lorenzo and Natascia who are 2 of BrewDog's favourite people, they do an amazing job distributing our beers in Italy, and we were delighted to send Matteo over to help out at their event.


Lorenzo, Matteo and Natascia.

The highlight was a cask of Rake Raspberry Imperial Stout, only the 2nd cask of this beer we have ever sold and perhaps the best beer we have ever made. We were delighted to give Lorenzo the chance to showcase this beer at his event. How to Disappear Completely also made and appearance on cask and a party would not really be a party without a Trashy Blonde and a Punk! The live music was great and the great Circolo del Luppolo continues their great work in Italy, Marco does so much for craft beer there.


So it was a pretty cool little transatlantic weekend. For information on upcoming events watch this space.

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Comments (6)

Johnny 2nd July, 2009 9:55am
great beer... I love your Punk IPA Beer & Imperial....amazing!
Thanks Matteo for the visit but we want the BrewDog Shirt too!!!!
Matteo 24th June, 2009 9:08pm
...great beers, nice people, tons of passion and lot of fun..the BrewDog way!!!
Arlan Arnsten 24th June, 2009 7:55pm
Hamiltons was a blast! Thanks for coming out James. If I could have only pulled you away from Blair for a minute! Thanks for bringing all the terrific beer. Keep it coming!!!!Cheers from the Stone Brew Crew.
lorenzo 24th June, 2009 3:29pm
Matteo speaks a perfect italian, and people in Mantova could understand every word he said... Until the evening, when we opened up the Rake Raspberry Cask, that was when everything became ... foggy. we are grateful for this brew. H.T.D.C in cask was impressive as well
Marco 24th June, 2009 2:44pm
Grazie a Matteo, Lorenzo e Natascia per aver partecipato alla festa e per aver condiviso con tutti noi questa grande passione che si chiama Brewdog!!
Let s Rock!!
magicdave6 24th June, 2009 8:20am
Win, Win and Win.