Say Hello to Chris

We find out more about BrewDog's Scottish Sales Manager, Chris...

Say Hello to Chris

So how did our resident Scottish Sales Manager get embroiled in the craft beer cause, why is he so passionate about brewing and – more importantly – who the hell is RuDog? Over to Chris...

“Hello, my name is Chris, BrewDog’s Scottish Sales Manager'

So with the introductions out of the way, now's the time to find out how someone who initially set out to do a PhD in economics found themselves selling beer on behalf of BrewDog.

“Basically I pestered James until he caved. Not a tactic I would recommend mind you. I got lucky.

“I was 2 years in to an economics PhD and was thoroughly disillusioned. I also bought shares in BrewDog and showed a bit of commitment for a good 12 months leading up to that point though. So yes, I did pester James, but things like that will have helped. 

An average day in the life of BrewDog's Sales Manager involves every but routine and screeds of to-do lists. For want of a better phrase, it's the beer that gets Chris through the day or – more importantly – his passion for it.

“What I really like is that the UK is finally beginning to emerge from the shadow of the US and Belgium beer markets. Look at BrewDog, Marble, Kernel, Lovibonds, Darkstar and so many others all experimenting and frankly doing what the US brewers are doing as well than those stateside (to my mind the benchmark for beer currently).


Drinking Tokyo* on top of a snowy mountian = epic!

“I could wax lyrical all day about the potential for UK craft beer, and the global craft beer market in general. I genuinely believe we are seeing the beginning of the end of the mass market monopoly of the industrial brewer.

“Personally I don’t drink filtered, pasteurised, rice filled, tasteless muck and I think if more people understood what they were drinking the general consensus would change. Hopefully BrewDog can help change this, fast.”

Chris' passion for craft beer is one thing but when it comes to shifting stock surely he's got a raft of techniques up his sleeve to convince even stoniest of buyers, numbed by years of generic lagers and mainstream brands, to jumped aboard the craft beer band wagon?

“Sales shouldn’t be about conning people or baffling people with fancy terminology. Sales should be about building relationships with customers.  It’s easy to infuse people with passion if you’re passionate yourself.  You have to believe it though, this isn’t an industry for a ‘salesman’, you can’t go from double glazing or vaccum cleaners to craft beer unless you love craft beer.’

While Chris seems to have his approach to sales well honed, every beer flogger's got to have an ace up their sleeve and in this case it's the soft sell; soft, furry and walks on four legs -

“RuDog is my Doberman, Rufus. He helps keep me sane enough to go back to work when the madness starts.’

When it comes to naming his favourite bar, pub or restaurant however, Chris is spoilt for choice:

“Oh crikey, BrewDog are in loads of great outlets. I have some favourites of course but all of our customers are awesome. If in Edinburgh you should check out The Holyrood 9a, Cambridge Bar, Caley Sample Rooms, Golden Rule and Nobles which are all great bars.

“Wannaburger and Illegal Jacks are independent establishments doing fast food with restaurant quality and promoting craft beer. My personal favourite though is The Saint in Stockbridge, I just think it’s the perfect example of how to do everything well.

“In Glasgow check out the Bon Accord, Blackfriars, Victoria Bar, Hillhead Book Club, Pelican Cafe and the Corinthian. If in Dundee go to the DCA, Dukes Corner or Drouthy Neebors.

“If you want to take your beer home with you, Cornelius, Vino Wines, Luvians (St Andrews) and Appellations Wines have amazing stocks’

If the length of this blog is anything to go by, Chris Mair loves craft beer. Fact. Chris' passion shows no signs of abating either which is just as well for BrewDog as he gives us his forecast for the next six months ahead:

“My personal goals over the next 6 months include drinking Belgium dry in March and trying to persuade James that I need to go and research bars and breweries in California.

“My BrewDog goals are simple, seek out the best new customers, customers who compliment what we do and build great relationships with them.’   

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Comments (5)

chris 24th February, 2011 12:19am
It is Tom, photo was taken on the only day it has rained in San Diego County in about 300 fecking years too.....
Tom 23rd February, 2011 8:20pm
Is that a brewdog hoodie i see in that photo?
chris 23rd February, 2011 3:56pm
Calum, its certainly not the staff ;-)Ian, yes I certainly will be!
Ian Prise 23rd February, 2011 3:41pm
Hello Chris. Hope to say it in person soon. Are you going to be at the opening of Brewdogbar Edinburgh? I'm going to try and make it down.
calum 23rd February, 2011 3:41pm
What in particular do you like about the saint, chris?