Say Hi To Jonny

meet the manager of BrewDog Bristol

Say Hi To Jonny

Here’s Jonny! Our manager at BrewDog Bristol…

Ever since the idea of opening a fleet of craft beer bars was little more than a glint in Bracken’s eye, we’ve dreamt of having a bar in Bristol. Non-conformist, wildly artistic and steeped in history, it was only a matter of time before we put down roots in a city that we found synergy with.


Now in November 2012, we’re a mere few weeks past flinging open the doors at BrewDog Bristol and welcoming craft beer thirsty drinkers for the very first time. And once again we’ve managed to put together an absolutely cracking squad of craft beer evangelists to serve your every beery whim.

Heading up the team is loveable scamp Jonny. You may remember him from BrewDog Camden or perhaps one of the many beer dinners we’ve run. Anyway, Jonny’s meteoric rise through the ranks at BrewDog hasn't gone unnoticed and now he's proudly taken on the role of manager at BrewDog Bristol.

So without further ado, here’s Jonny…


“Hello! I’m Jonny, your manager at BrewDog Bristol. I’ve always wanted to manage a BrewDog bar and Bristol is a great city so it was an easy decision to pack my bags.

“The bar is located on the corner of Baldwin Street, right next to the river. It's a fantastic location, and the size is perfect; the vibe is great. 8 BrewDog beers, 3 guest taps, and a cider tap plus a kick ass bottle menu and some awesome locally sourced food. We'll have regular tastings, meet the brewer events, live music, board games and some beer books for geeking out.”

Although he sounds like a craft beer veteran, this hasn’t always been the case. In fact, before getting involved with BrewDog, Jonny was more familiar with amps than IPAs.

“Before I got into beer I was working in the music industry. I tour managed for about 6 years although the similarities between music and the brewing industry are unbelievable.

“I’ve been working with BrewDog for about 11 months now. I started out as a full time member of bar staff, and right from the outset I wanted to get to the top. The knowledge and passion of our bar staff is immense, and I want to encourage and nurture that every step of the way, it's what separates us from the rest.”

11 months may not be a long time, but this hasn’t stopped Jonny from fully embracing the craft beer cause – as new manager of Bristol, Jonny has taken it upon himself to sample all of the beers we stock, well at least 99% of them:


“I’ve sampled the majority of the beers we stock and they are all immense, a few in particular are mind blowing. Stone Brewing Co. ‘Imperial Russian Stout’ and Cantillon ‘Kirek’ are right up there as all time favourites. On draft, we’ve also got Dead Pony Club. We’ve really hit the nail on the head with that beer.”

Of course, as with all our bars, as well as beer we’ll also been serving a pretty fine selection of foods and if you’ve got the appetite for it – Scrabble!

“At BrewDog Bristol, patrons can expect warm, flat brown ale and pork scratchings! No, not really. We’ve got some fantastic food pairings and beer dinners lined up. On a recent trip to Brussels I had a Kriek with a duck dish. The beer cut through the rich flavours like the fruit sauce, delicious! American style IPAs and BBQ meats are an obvious choice and I love big imperial stouts with chocolate desserts also so look out for some of that sort of stuff on the menu.”

In fact, we’ve got an inkling that the Bristol scene in particular is going to be a treat on the foodie front:

“I’m in love with St. Nicholas Market! It’s a stone’s throw from the bar and they’ve got the finest foods that take influence from all around the globe. American BBQ, Moroccan, Jamaican, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers (probably!).

“We're getting our food supplies from there, it's the best locally sourced ingredients I can lay my hands on. There's loads of really cool street art here too, people making stuff from recycled materials, community allotments. What's not to like!”

Want to say hi to Jonny? Simple drop him a line at

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Comments (4)

Barry W 16th November, 2012 2:28pm
Always seemed like a nice honest guy @ Camden, Hope all goes well for him.
Tom A 16th November, 2012 6:55am
Jonny is one of the nicest people ever. Glad he finally got a mention on the blog!
mark s 15th November, 2012 6:07pm
what a great choice to manage the new Bristol bar,this guy is a star,really knows his stuff.have shared many a good beer with him..mind you,he is my nephew....
Jock 15th November, 2012 11:03am
You couldn't wish to meet a nicer bloke.