Say Hi To Luke

Meet our new online shop manager

Say Hi To Luke

You can check out our online shop here 

The BrewDog online shop is a super important part of our little business, it is crucial that we make it as easy and efficient as possible for all our awesome customers to buy our beer. So we decided add someone to the team to take care of this. Ladies and gents, meet our new online shop manager, Luke!

Luke is joining us from a colourful, varied life as a graphic designer and web shop manager, who has worked with a variety of online beverage stores including Oddbins. Oh! And he’s an Equity Punk shareholder too. So he rocks.
Naturally, when recruiting for this position we were looking for someone with top-notch customer service skills and a keen eye for effective online shop management. So where did we find such an ecommerce whizz kid?

After the EFP Tour last Christmas I was having a chat with Zarah and some other shareholders over a half of Cocoa Psycho and talking about the website and online shop. As this was essentially my day to day job at the time, I was offering some advice and saying what BrewDog could do to really make 2013 killer, and Zarah basically said “well how about you do it for us?” and pointed me towards the job applications. The rest is history!

So alongside bringing a wealth of knowledge to a pivotal part of our sales systems, what will Luke be doing exactly?

I am essentially here to make sure the online shop is as easy and effective to use as is physically possible. I will be looking after all aspects of the ordering process and working closely with the guys at the brewery and at Ales by Mail to make sure everything goes smoothly for our awesome customers. I basically want to make it as easy as possible for people to get some great beers into their fridges!


I’m really keen to get stuck in and make the online shop the single best place to buy beer online, I know I have some of the best beer not only from BrewDog, but from around the world to play with and I can't wait to get people drinking it.

Sounds pretty sweet, right? Luke’s a shareholder, so he’s obviously pretty au fait with the business, but what about his history with our beers?

I first tried BrewDog in summer 2008 whilst working for Oddbins, it was a Punk IPA and it blew me away. I was already a massive beer fan but didn't know you could get beer like that made in the UK. Obviously I was an instant fan, bought the whole case and have been drinking it ever since. We also got in some Paradox and after trying that I knew BrewDog was a brewery to watch.luke_bar_1_620Naturally, this would later lead to Luke becoming one of out 7000 kickass investors. Quite a few of our existing scamps are investors, and that definitely adds an extra level of interest to working here;

The idea of being able to help develop and expand the business (in any small part) is great, especially when it means that we are opening new bars, building and expanding on a new brewery and making awesome new beers! It might sound cheesy but I love the idea that I can get up, go to work and actively make my investment grow.

Luke’s a keen homebrewer and loves experimenting with new brews, and he’s also a bassist in a band so he’s a pretty busy guy! He is, however, a cat person, but BrewDog is an equal opportunities employer so we’ll let that slide.

Luke’s based in our cool little baby HQ in London, and you can contact him about all things shop-related on 

You can tweet the online shop at @BrewDogShop 
Or you can tweet the man himself at @a_gnome

Welcome to the team, Luke!

You can check out our online shop here

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Comments (5)

Jesus 28th April, 2013 11:08pm
Are Matthew and Mark getting interviewed next?
Adrian P 26th April, 2013 8:52am
It is pretty fucking cool that an Equity Punk investor is running the online shop.I love this comapny.
AtTd 25th April, 2013 6:19pm
Hopefully he does as good a job here as Zarah did!
James 25th April, 2013 6:15pm
Welcome to the good ship BrewDog Luke!
John fanboy 25th April, 2013 4:38pm
Hi Luke,You don't have as many comments as John, just saying s'all.