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Say Hi to Mark

2012 – year of the dragon, year of the Olympics, year of the end of the world (apparently) but most importantly year of the BrewDog bar. Last year we added to our growing fleet  with the opening of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Camden. 2012 will be no exception with craft beer haunts springing up in more locations – some disclosed, others currently top secret – over the coming months.

This means one thing – aside from the fact we'll be bringing top notch craft beers closer to your doorstep, that you'll be able to enjoy discovering even more brews with your mates and that there will be plenty of craft beer-themed events to attend. OK, maybe the opening of our new bars means lots of awesome things will be happening but one thing for sure is that we'll be on the hunt for tons more craft beer passionate scamps to run them.


We're super lucky to work with  some of the country's most kick ass bar staff, including the likes of Mark who we headhunted from the first bar to stock BrewDog – Blackfriars - in Glasgow. So what's Mark's story? Here's more from the man himself -

“Hi I'm Mark and my role is helping BrewDog to conquer the UK bar scene – from project managing the build of new bars to working with the likes of Bruce to find the right teams to run them, our goal is to create the best beer bars around.

“Originally I worked in Blackfriars – one of my all time favourite bars. We were the first place in Glasgow (maybe even Scotland) to stock American craft beers and also the first bar to stock BrewDog.

“It's because of this that I've seen the BrewDog story unfold from the very beginning. I remember when James and Martin would deliver the beer themselves and normally give me a cheeky bottle or two for free! I was an instant fan and it's funny to see them driving down Camden High Street in a tank these days instead of a beaten up van full of beer. “

Similar to craft beer wench and project manager Rebecca, Mark's role sees him traverse the country in a bid to open up the latest BrewDog bar on time, on budget and to standard; leading him to acquire the self proclaimed nickname of the 'craft beer gypsy':

“My role is essentially project management but with more of a focus on building up great teams to staff the bars. I spend a few weeks showing new recruits how to interact with customers and hopefully pass on some good craft beer knowledge in the process. I'm a bit of a craft beer gypsy because I have no bar to really call my own. Aberdeen was the first bar I worked on so I will always feel at home there and I also love the Camden one, but really I'm pretty nomadic at the moment living out of a suitcase which is mainly full of beer and records.”

An old hand at the pub trade and – more importantly – doing it properly, Mark's been able to ensure all BrewDog bar staff are trained to the one of the highest levels of craft beer accreditation available – craft beer wizards, also known as 'beer geeks'. Don't let this put you off however, as Mark and the team have managed to balance this level of knowledge and expertise with a dash of banter and supreme friendliness which make BrewDog bars a fine place to dabble in craft beer for the first time or evenbecome a regular.

“The main difference between our bar staff and those you'll find in regular bars is the level of knowledge we have. It’s important all our staff understand how beers are created and the importance of malt and hops in creating these immense flavours. You're lucky if there’s one person in other bars with that knowledge where all our staff will be trained to a high level. And obviously that has to be accompanied by a warmth and friendliness that makes us approachable to newcomers and beer geeks alike.

“You have to be open and friendly and never ever pretentious or condescending if someone asks for a generic lager. For me that what it’s all about. I love getting a total novice and seeing their face when they have a sniff of punk IPA, they can’t believe beer can smell like that. Give them some 5am Saint, Trashy, then hit them with a Tokyo or Hardcore. People are genuinely astounded that beers can be so flavoursome and varied.”

BrewDog Aberdeen bar staff

Don't get the wrong impression though. Mark isn't all nicey nice as this blog may have lead you to believe, in fact there are plenty of things that grind his gears; mainly things to do with the misrepresentation of beer across the UK scene:

“When it comes to the problems within the UK beer scene don’t get me started! I could rant for hours and offend almost every industry related group or authority. But to sum it up, it's a complete and utter lack of understanding. From the government to the Portman group to CAMRA. All they see is an ABV of  5% and above and they fly into some dim witted draconian reaction which inevitably punishes forward thinking, innovative and exciting brewers and their fans.

"Meanwhile, the big corporate brewers make the cheapest and nastiest inoffensive shit and pump it out through supermarkets and high street pub chains at rock bottom prices, destroying the industry and drinking culture of the UK in the process. Rage!”

Right, now that Mark's got that out of his system he can get back to creating more awesome bars. Want to join Mark in a rant about the UK beer industry or even think you've got what it takes to join our superstar bar teams up and down the country?

All you have to do is say hi to Mark at

BrewDog Camden exterior

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Comments (23)

GJDunbar 2nd February, 2012 1:54am
Mark's a great bloke - knows his customers (me & my gf) knows the trade, and knows BrewDog. Popped in for a quiet one a week or so ago in Glasgow and ended up having a chat with him re:event nights. Glad to say we'll be there for the Scandinavian Night this evening! IMHO one of the smartest moves BD have pulled is the bar division - a great array of beers is nothing without educated, passionate staff. Cheers.
@MBMMChrysler 1st February, 2012 1:03pm
Remember Mark well from first visit to Brewdog Aberdeen at the Epic AGMDuring an insightful conversation in regards to tasting notes of I believe Santa Paws I went on to discover in fact he had been to my local some 450+ miles away not long before my arctic visit to Aberdeen The reason? For my next door neighbours wedding! - Quite BizarreGreat work though and awesome beer knowledge tekkers I remain hooked to craft beers (but admit to cheeky pints of "yellow fizzy stuff" every now and again - Don't Judge Me - we need a BD bar in Black Country before I build one myself (and that is by no means an empty promise! ha) Rock on!
SashDog 31st January, 2012 9:43pm
GO Team Dog ! World domination !A tasteless death to the infidels !Nice job Mark
Davidsmmrs45 31st January, 2012 4:53pm
Hi Mark how's it gan? look foward to chatting with you, when I pop in on Saturday.
Graeme C 31st January, 2012 4:24pm
Open one up in your hometown Nauld Mate. I will work and drink in it, maybe even at the same time!
Ade 31st January, 2012 3:17pm
Nice one sir!
RichieLee 31st January, 2012 3:10pm
Good stuff mate. You must have a good editor though. Take out a few of those rage-induced f-bombs.
Teutonicus 31st January, 2012 3:08pm
British beer is like number 1. Wuhahaha!
ianprise 31st January, 2012 1:20pm
Great Blog Mark. Now can you please send your ipodback to the Aberdeen bar. I'm missing your choice of tunes.
Adrian 31st January, 2012 12:09pm
Mark - what would be your ultimate location for a BrewDog bar.
Luke 31st January, 2012 12:08pm
Sup mark. Can i have your job? Haha
Carlos 31st January, 2012 12:08pm
Hi Mark, you're cool!
Peter T 31st January, 2012 12:08pm
Yo Mark,how's Nottingham progressing? Still opening on the 25th Feb?
Davidsmmrs45 31st January, 2012 11:53am
I was meaning all the people who say Brewdog is shit. Don't get me wrong not all mass produced lagers are rubbish I just detest Tennents. I always have. In my opinion and I'm sure you'll agree with me Brewdog needs more reconition from more Beer fans so everyone in Scotland and the rest of the U.K Knows who they are so they know there's another option.
xxxX 31st January, 2012 9:53am
Mark you really are gipsy. yelo wellies
Joseph 31st January, 2012 8:53am
Mark's a great guy, met him when he worked in Aberdeen bar. Can't fault him on passion for his job or magical ability (the mystery room trick was his finest show piece).BenH, chill out mate :)
BenH 31st January, 2012 7:20am
@davidmmrs45It's least, not leased. Accept, not except. And Tennents not tennants.Now, there's nothing wrong with tennents or these other shit lagers you speak of. I'm with you, I prefer bold ipa's such as hardcore. But plenty of people prefer mass produced lager, some like a cheap beer, some enjoy the blandness (believe it or not). It's personal taste, no one needs to 'shut the hell up' just because of what beer they choose to drink.
That wierd zoid goth chick 30th January, 2012 9:56pm
Well done mate. Brilliant Blog, did yourself proud!
Davidsmmrs45 30th January, 2012 9:54pm
Quite right Tennants is shit, but there's one or two I quite like Tyskie and Grolsh. But all the rest are shite!I agree with Mark. bloody pish they sell in high street pubs and some people have the cheek to say Brewdog is shit. But at leased us Brewdog fans give a shit what's in our beer. And it's pathetic that these good for Nothing watchdogs keep giving Brewdog a hard time for the Striengh of their drinks! Hardcore ipa is 9.2% and one of my favourite beers everyone who drinks boring lager should just shut the hell up and except that Brewdog is here to stay and to grow to new hights!
Whatsmysex 30th January, 2012 8:58pm
why did that goth get more foties than Mark?
Richie@Newcastle 30th January, 2012 8:55pm
How cum that weird zoid goth chick got in more dogies that
Rebecca BrewDog 30th January, 2012 8:49pm
Go Team Project Managers!I know you'll do a bang up job in Newcastle!xx
BenH 30th January, 2012 7:06pm
Mark looks like a tash-less hitler in the lower pic. Hi Mark