Say hi to team BrewDog Gothenburg!

A chat with our second bar in Sweden

Say hi to team BrewDog Gothenburg!

BrewDog Gothenburg, which launched 12 short months after our first bar in Scandinavia (Stockholm) opened its doors last year, has been rocking for the past 3 months, so we thought it was high time we said hello to the team!

Headed up by Magnus, our main man in Sweden, we took a look at what Gothenburg is like for brewing and what the team thinks about the burgeoning beer scene…

"Gothenburg is truly the beer capital of Sweden, with loads of passionate homebrewers, local breweries, beer bloggers and thirsty, "matured" craft beer lovers. Gothenburg has very strong beer heritage and history and even hosts a porter festival every other year!
Sour beers are really popular at BrewDog Gotheburg, there's a real taste for them at the moment so we're constantly trying to maintain a broad selection of lambics, gueuzes, berliner weisses and brettanomyces beers. Also Jackhammer just about outsells Punk IPA here! Which is crazy considering Punk is the biggest selling alternative IPA in Sweden! It shows that aggressive hop character is still pretty popular even though sours are such a focus for our scene.
We always have one or two local beers on tap, and especially from our favorites Beerbliotek. Right now we see the Rådanäs Lager and the phenomenal creations from Olle Andersson at O/O Brewing. We always have a very wide variety of guest breweries and beers in from the likes of To Ol, Logsdon, Ballast Point, Founders, Evil Twin, Mikkeller, De Struise and more."

So what's the beer crowd like in Gothenburg?
"They are definitively more mature in their beer exploration that most other parts of Sweden, we sell loads of beer flights and try to always have interesting beers on as the crowd here generally want to try new stuff every time they visit. They are all super cool and there are tons of interesting discussions going on at all time between guests and staff!"
And BrewDog Gothenburg gets some of the weirdest/best crowds by the sounds of it…
"We had 2 rival gangs of pirate dressed like penguins fighing over the ownership of our neighbourhood just outside our door. It was super messy on the street but eventually, the Quackos Locos won and now control us and all other bars nearby."
We took a quick fire round to get to know what the staff are into:

Favourite BrewDog beer?
Linda E: Bourbon Baby
Victor: Jackhammer
Linda J: Blitz! Passionfruit
Daniel: Black eyed king Imp
Magnus: Hello, My name is Sonja

Favourite guest brewery?
Linda E: Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
Victor: Prairie Artisan Ales
Linda J: Kernel
Daniel: Magic Rock
Magnus: Beerbliotek

Favourite beer style?
Linda E: Sours
Victor: Wheat IPA
Linda J: Lambics
Daniel: Imperial stout
Magnus: Brett pale ale

Why does Gothenburg rock for craft beer?
Linda E: Gothenburg has many great micro breweries but whats best is the beer drinking people! They're really into it and quick to pick up on trends. As a bartender I get to have so much fun with with my guests!
Victor: There are so many different kinds of people and everyone has different relationships to beer. Therefore every guest gives you new, fun challenges.
Linda J: Gothenburg is a city filled with great local breweries, pubs and nice people who really enjoy awesome craft beer!
Daniel: We have so much great local beer and our bars and liqueur stores have both high standards and great knowledge.
Magnus: The knowledge and vast hunger and interest of new beers and beer styles here make this an amazing beer town! Plus it's one big happy craft beer family here amongst beer bars, breweries and beer-loving human beings!

Have your swung by lately? Whaddaya think?

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Comments (4)

beermouth2 25th August, 2014 1:07pm
love it!
Smeddie 21st August, 2014 1:43pm
Lovely bunch of beergeeks!
pelle 21st August, 2014 1:06pm
and the food is phenomenally good. yum!
brewdoge 21st August, 2014 12:00pm
very welcome much beerwow.