OverWorks is our house of alternative fermentation, set aside from BrewDog HQ for very good reason. Here we cultivate and encourage wild yeasts and bacteria in barrels and foeders which would cause havoc in the production brewery.

Wild yeast can create astounding complexity and delicious character in our wild ales and mixed fermentation beers which, is what OverWorks is all about. However, this is polar opposite to the headliner range in the BrewDog facility who showcase the incredible flavour of new world hops and speciality malt. If our ‘alternative’ friends made their way across the road and into a batch of Punk IPA - it would be a disaster.

Quality is at the forefront of everything BrewDog does, if a sample of Punk IPA flagged up wild yeast character in sensory panel it would spell the end for that batch. Unintentional ‘infections’ run riot and can disturb carbonation resulting in exploding cans/bottles as well as decrementing the drinking experience with unwanted funky flavours.

To ensure the security of our microbial charges we have installed a ‘decontamination chamber’ at the entrance to OverWorks with antibacterial matting, boot scrub and full outfit change for our brewers who come into contact with our mixed cultures. Short of passing them through a Mission Impossible-esk, co2 blasting isolation zone – it’s an impressive step to ensure the safekeeping of our wild yeasts while keeping the BrewDog beers unscathed.  

We love our wild yeasts, but we need to keep a close eye on them.

Nobody messes with Punk IPA.

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Comments (2)

Darren whyte 28.03.2018 @ 7:59pm
Will there be yours at O/W?
Ciaran 16.03.2018 @ 2:19am
I'd like to see a Brett yeast have a go at Punk IPA. Or Jackahmmer. Wild Hammer to add to Monk Hammer, Chilli hammer etc...