Sink! Tasting @ The Rake

our 41% beer unveiled and unleashed

We had an amazing tasting event with Sink the Bismarck! at the Rake yesterday. Here is what the first people to ever taste the world's strongest beer thought about it.

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Comments (10)

John Hawthorn 24th February, 2010 4:01pm
So Velda, did you actually taste it then ?
Velda 23rd February, 2010 9:45pm
folk wore glasses rather than drink the poor quality that was being served in them
how dull, 41% oh dear, win win win, but at what price, certainly not taste

meanwhile, the world moves on
alan 21st February, 2010 8:26pm
Interesting video, so when will the new hardcore ipa be available as I do like the stuff and when will there be new batches of paradox becoming available? And James, how do you fancy coming to Lincoln for the beer festival later this year (May I believe?) London is not the only place in England, you know!
harrisoni 21st February, 2010 4:20pm
What a fantastic evening. Great chance to drink a couple of amazing beers, with fantastic beer knowledgeable people interested in drinking beer that will challenge the palate. James was the perfect host, happy to share information and take peoples views. In terms of beer events, The Rake is second to none in London
MikeMcG 21st February, 2010 4:19pm
What word was the guy going to say at about 0:52 ?
cheese 21st February, 2010 12:23pm
Are people perhaps upset they didnt get in?
Lindsay 21st February, 2010 11:42am
normal people, paul?
Ian 21st February, 2010 11:27am
The Rake is not a relaxing place to drink, but the beer selection is sometimes outstanding. The beer prices howvever are rather obscene.
phil dalgleish 21st February, 2010 10:37am
a lot of the folk wore glasses
paul noonan 20th February, 2010 11:47pm
not exactly a rocking place the Rake is it?
wasnt any normal people invited