Sunday Afternoon Focus Group - BrewDog Aberdeen

give us your thoughts on the new bar!

Sunday Afternoon Focus Group - BrewDog Aberdeen

Work is now proceeding internally with the old pub interior completely removed. Building warrants have been applied for to cover the changes we want to make and in the meantime builders are putting in new sound and fire proofing on the ceiling.

At the moment it still looks something like this inside, and not much is going to change until we are granted our building warrant we have applied for!


We thought we would take your thoughts on some potential changes to the front of the building.

At the moment it looks like this, which we really do not like at all.


We want to throw away the false front and put in some huge glass windows and take advantage of the great granite frames at the front of the building.

Option 1


Option 2


So what are your thoughts on these 2 options for the front of the first ever BrewDog Bar? Your thoughts on these options as well as any other alternative ideas would be appreciated.

Over the next few weeks we will blog some visuals of how the inside of the bar will look too!

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Comments (43)

Moray Grant 31st May, 2010 12:46pm
While I've enjoyed your beers for a few years I've never been to you site. When waliking past the Marischal I spotted a brew dog van out side filling up with debris. I'm delighted to discover you are indeed opening a micro brewery pub in Aberdeen.I prefer option two but I think the graphics look to be too high. I would suggest waist height and no more and then possibly a banner at the top giving the maximum natural view in to and out of the bar. Logo on the door looks great.
IlnoisMts6 31st May, 2010 10:19am
Hi all, could anyone aid please.How come will not the hyperlinks on the top menu of the website web page that post a comment work for me?Appreciate it
Duncan Riach 26th May, 2010 5:56pm
Have you bought the close next to the Marischal? Its called Gallowgate Mews I believe? It is usually mauchit and reeks of pish but I noticed just last weekend that it had been jet cleaned.
Duncan Riach 26th May, 2010 5:20am
All I would say is that I hope that your designs are sensitive to the architectural heritage of Aberdeen. Aberdeen has lost so much of its architectural history since the 1920s - 30s, again in the 1950s, and again in the 1960s-1970s. Please keep things in keeping with all original features. Inside the building as well although I don't know what condition the inside is in.I look forward to drinking in your bar.Hopefully the Gallowgate can be further regenerated. As you head towards Mounthooly, the Gallowgate gets more and more depressing - it is a mess! With your bar, perhaps the old student union will find some life again - you never know, the university might use it!? And then you'd have loads of customers !
Peter Hodgson 19th May, 2010 10:20am
I don't understand the people that are saying they prefer one option to the other but change the logos etc. Both options are THE SAME other than the graphics.
Susan Surgey 9th May, 2010 6:55pm
Love the door on nr. 2. and the logos on nr. 1, but how about making the sheild frame of the logos to fit inside the big windows (black frame, maybe wood or metal or something), and then have the actual logo etched onto the glass?
Dale 8th May, 2010 2:57pm
Probably a bit late in the day for this, but hey, what the hell...I think that both have their merits for sure, although I was swaying towards option 1, now I find towards option 2, either way, something had to be done about that gawd-awful frontage that had been installed before... I remember when the place was refurbed to look like that, I hated it then, and I still hate it now... I see some of the comments are being a bit overly critical of the choise of going down the contemporary design route, but I'm guessing that its integral to what you are trying to achive, by keeping it old looking you are not going to push anything forward, instead turn it into an old mans pub, which is probably what it was in the end days...
Ally 7th May, 2010 10:23am
I'm with Steve on this-- can you use Joanna's designs in the windows and interior? It would be amazing.
Iain Louden 6th May, 2010 5:11pm
These are both awful, not what I was expecting at all. If the Spice Girls were a pub they would look a bit like this.
Robert 3rd May, 2010 6:37pm
James - Think about students when opening the bar, there is student residence and the bottom of the hill your opening at! Also try to encourage girls in some sort of manor...maybe introduce a girl drink...? Otherwise will become on old mans bar!
Steve Wardell 29th April, 2010 4:34pm
Just looked at the google picture, Christ it's huge! do you have the whole building?Keep the iron gates full size, but maybe replace them, maybe get the genius of Johanna Basford to knock something up similar to her Wonderland Gates? about changing the middle window of the 1st or 2nd floor to a BrewDog logo shape? probably costly but I reckon it'd look bloody good
Kirsty Cameron 29th April, 2010 4:28pm
I like visual 2, but instead of the logo in position number 5, perhaps the section number 5 should be an empty cavity where empty bottles of Brewdog are placed in and closed off. It's hard to verbalise - visualising is easier! This may be too heavy to do above the door, so it would maybe make a good window display...
lorenzo 28th April, 2010 5:26pm
option 2. with 1 logo only (the 1 on the door) . no logos on side windows and above the door, where should stand a writing - something that may arrogantly inspire the thirsty
Don Robertson 28th April, 2010 1:14pm
Off-topic - the door handle makes me think you might want to produce some belt buckles to go with the t-shirts.
Thomas 27th April, 2010 3:22pm
Option two looks better. The door especially. Don't want to over do the logos.
Stuart Gibson 27th April, 2010 12:44pm
I like option two, although might suggest toning the logos down to maybe just the small one at the top. It would also be very cool to have a wee line of test under it maybe saying something screwing over the establishment/man since 2006. I dunno maybe that's too cheesy. X
Ken Mitchell 26th April, 2010 7:53pm
The logos in both options are overdone. Tone it down a bit. Let the beer speak for itself without ramming the logo down the punters gobs!
Pete Hodgdson 26th April, 2010 5:04pm
Not keen on either. It seems to me you've ripped out the interesting bits to replace with glass in a style similar to any bar I've seen. Prefer the 'olde' look myself. Does this mean the interior will also look like a 'trendy' bar. Not that it'll effect me in the slightest. All the above opinions just seem to be about what graphics look best, other than that they are identical. The architect probably had nothing to do with that element anyway. I was expecting 2 different architectural treatments.
JammyLou 26th April, 2010 3:21pm
I think both schemes are very flat and more than a touch predicatable. The ddor handle is a nice touch, but you could go much further, the what about a much more insteresting use of light and something much more three dimensional - what about a three dimensional dog logo comming half through the glass window, at high level so you dont walk into it - something much more sculptural, interestingly lit, and totally unnerving. Otherwise all you've got is framelsss glazing with applied graphics and doors with patch fittings - you see this everywhere, its not new or exciting, its just normal....I know planning could be awkward but this feels a bit like your architect has chosen the easy option....
Johanna 26th April, 2010 1:18pm
Option 2 but without the little shield logos at the bottom. Concerned the bespoke door handle will become the ultimate souvenir steel for hardcore BrewDog fans / any self respecting student.
alan robertson 26th April, 2010 9:04am
Sorry to disagree, but I prefer option 1. I think the whole beer for punks logo may be lost on some people and what song would you play if punks did turn up at the bar? It would have to be Banned From The Pubs by Peter and the Test Tube Babies...if you don't have a clue who I am going on about then drop me an e-mail to and I'll tell you as I've been into punk since 1979......
Robert Reid 26th April, 2010 8:03am
Its very broke the mould when BREWDOG was born.Now you have the chance to do it again with your own Kennel!!I will even come down and help if it means you finish sooner,....we have all waited a long time for this to jog on!!As for the plans ..well...knowing how much effort and sweat you have both put into Brewdog already,i do think there will be a bit of a fantastic show to come full of surprises,...Welldone Guys..cant wait. RR.
Kim Odland 26th April, 2010 7:02am
Option 2 looks best. It provides a better balance for the front.
richard boyden 26th April, 2010 2:16am
as much as i dont want to look like im copying everyone else i have to say idea number 2 is the better but i do agree with andy smith, they do seem very commercial and obvious. I thought the idea of BrewDog was to push the boundaries, give us more and deliver the unexpected? your beers have been outstanding, some very memorable. they stick in your mind and take a lot to budge, the pub should be the same!
Andy smith 25th April, 2010 8:53pm
To be honest i'm a bit underwhelmed by both ideas. they both seem fairly generic and the kind of thing you see everywhere. i guess i kind of expected i dunno maybe like a huge snarling open dogs mouth for the entrance. maybe a little arsehole at the back for taking deliverys. not actually. not that. or some flames or like jagged metal and gargoyles. or even just some funky contemporary thing i cant even envisage. i expected i think, a bit more of a statement to be made. isnt that brewdog? different from the norm, pushing boundaries, overwhelming the senses. even a little debauchery. i really hope the inside will be full of debauchery. hell your brewers not architects what am i saying. as long as the beer maintains i coulnt give a fuck if it looked like my local spoons.
Ian Prise 25th April, 2010 8:23pm
I like option 2. Are you getting Basil Busby to engrave the glass?
Matt G 25th April, 2010 6:50pm
Option 2 looks the best, and the two shields on the middle pane look great, especially in contrast with the "beer for punks" on the other two. The BrewDog door handle is made of win.option 1 is a bit too shieldy
Edwin Hemsley 25th April, 2010 5:23pm
I think the new design looks more like a Top Shop, add portcullis at every opening and you need a ramp, every bar needs a ramp, its required by law is lots of places now, or the draw bridge idea is good. Who ever thought of that? A bar with a draw bridge, dont steal my idea on the name for the new beer PORTCULLIS without giving me credit and a six pack. Sexy man
johan granberg 25th April, 2010 4:50pm
option 2!But you need a sheep's head and a trashy blonde out front!
Joe Patrick Clark 25th April, 2010 4:09pm
I like option 2
John Chadwick 25th April, 2010 3:57pm
Option 2 is good, maybe take out the grey crest, on the door, make the blue one the same size as the grey one at an angle. But only covering the top two thirds of the door, not all the way down to the floor.
Steve Armstrong 25th April, 2010 3:35pm
Option 2 looks the best, definitely.
Francis 25th April, 2010 3:25pm
I love option 2. The logo on the door and the dog as the handle are fantastic and add more of a "we've thought a lot about this" thing.
Edward 25th April, 2010 3:03pm
I'm with the Option 2 crowd...Here is link to the street view at google maps
Steven Hutchinson 25th April, 2010 2:44pm
Like the second one but make the doors sizeable double doors in the middle
Don Robertson 25th April, 2010 2:41pm
The second option is definitely the best and the BrewDog handle rocks!I'd agree with the comment about the two shields made by Kristoff.Any idea how long the building warrant is going to take?
cj 25th April, 2010 2:40pm
Option Two.
vincent varewijck 25th April, 2010 2:02pm
option 2 is better especially the brewdog handle on the door !!
Kristoff 25th April, 2010 1:52pm
I think the second one is much better, however, the grey crest under the blue crest, at an angle looks a bit too much, I think it would be better with just the blue crest on the door.Mind you, what do I know, I'm a docto...musician, not an architect
Gerry Kennedy 25th April, 2010 1:50pm
I love option 2 as it will allow lots of light in but yet will still allow a little privacy. And it also uses the logos to best effect.
Klas Wiklund 25th April, 2010 1:48pm
I agree that the second one is better. Better balance in design and better view through the windows.
Grant 25th April, 2010 1:43pm
Option 2 looks better imho.
Christian Arca 25th April, 2010 1:42pm
Option 2 provides a nice balance and use of the shields while option 1 feels a bit too crest heavy.