Running down our list of victorious beer geeks


On Monday we hosted a huge celebration to honour Beer Geeks across the UK and Europe and it was a blast! The Beer Geek Awards are the ultimate celebration of the world’s biggest beer geeks and are about shining a light on the individuals who live and breathe amazing craft beer. The Geeks who will always go that extra mile to get their paws on great craft beer, appreciate what is in their glass, and want to share their passion for craft beer with the world.

Attending the ceremony were three of our amazing judges, noted beer journalist and all round beer expert Claire Dodd, celebrated beer writer Pete Brown and the ever charismatic Craft Beer Channel co-founder Jonny Garrett who was also our talented compère for the evening. After introductory pints of Punk IPA, we got down to the serious business of announcing the winners!

First up was the Beer Bar Hopper Geek! This award was designed to celebrate the people who travel high and low to find the best beer and beer bars, not only in their home country, but across the world. The winner of this award visited over 150 craft beer bars in a single year!


Next up, Beer Social Media Geek. This award went to a geek that uses stunning imagery and humour to convey serious passion for craft beer as well as a keen eye for the artistic and engaging. She was unanimously voted winner of this category by all of our judges.


This is where things got interesting; the tasting competition to see who was the Beer Tasting Geek champion. The three finalists were picked from the 400 people that entered into the tasting competition held in BrewDog bars across the UK and Europe. They had a tricky challenge; describing beers, identifying off flavours and finally differentiating between similar styles. After a closely fought contest; we had our winner.


We then moved on to crowning the Brewery Hopper Geek! This award went to the ultimate brewery hopper, he visited more breweries than any other entrant; a staggering 59 breweries in 12 months!


The next category celebrated the avid beer bloggers, people who are as devoted to beer and the industry as they are to blogging about it. Our judges commented on the importance of this award as lots of people who currently work in the industry have started their careers as keen bloggers and the entrants in this category may one day follow in the same path. Our judge Jonny commented that the winner of this award entered his favourite piece in the whole competition!


Beer reviewing is a tough business. Reviewers have to not only have a serious palate to be able to assess beer, but also the power of words and the ability to put pen to paper and communicate their experience to make us, the reader, feel we are there sharing the beer with them.


It was then again time for a challenge. A beer quiz to end all quizzes. A head to head of more epic proportions than Mayweather and McGregor. Although his competitor put up a dogged resistance, our champion Beer Scholar Geek proved he was a true Beer Geek, as well as being impressively quick with his answers!


It then reached the point in the night to decide which of our amazing winners was deserving of the title of the WORLD’S BIGGEST BEER GEEK. It took the judges some serious deliberation to come to the conclusion of which of our incredible winners was the WORLD’S BIGGEST BEER GEEK, but in the end they were unanimous on who they were most impressed with.


Lena embodies true passion and enthusiasm for craft beer, and she uses her amazing Instagram account to showcase epic beery photographs, as well as writing well thought out reviews about what she drinks. She’ll soon be winging her way to the ultimate beer destination, San Diego, for a crazy tour of some of the best breweries in the world, exceptional beers and great food. She’ll also be invited to join the judging panel of next year’s awards!

So, what do you think? Have you got what it takes to take home the grand prix next year? Let us know which category you’re planning to enter below!

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Comments (2)

Jerry 25.08.2017 @ 11:08am
Well done to all the winners! Well deserved. Thanks for rocking the beer community!
Samantha 25.08.2017 @ 11:07am
Congrats to the winners! I'm all over the tasting competition next year!