The first Russian double IIPA from BrewDog. Afterword on an epic cooking

Martin, rocking out in St Petersburg with a suitcase of hops.

The first Russian double IIPA from BrewDog. Afterword on an epic cooking

Martin is just back from an epic 3 days in St Petersburg. He loaded up his suitcase with hops and brewed what may just be the first ever Imperial India Pale Ale in Russia. The beer was brewed with our long time friend Yuri Yatunin on the Baltika pilot plant.  

Learning Russian had not been easy; until we discovered the Google Translate which has been helping us understand what our Russian friends are blogging about every since.

When it comes to translation, almost none of it makes sense and - for this reason alone - it's utterly phenomenal. So we have decided to give you Yuri's account of Martin's visit, translated by Google.

Over to our friend Yuri, with a little help from Google Translate. You can read the original article on Yuri's Blog here: 

Please let us know your favourite translated sentence in the comments box below, there are some gems!

- And that's just a hop, we do not - I wrote to Martin Dickie, when we discussed the formulation of future varieties - Can I ask her to bring the hop with me? 
- Well, of course - he said - It's easy. 
I met Martin at the airport with a sign «Assistant to The Emperor Penguin». He came out of the zone with the arrival of a huge hockey bag that exudes a wonderful fragrance to the perimeter of 3 meters. And pre-packaged bags of hops for different stages of the problem we have on the table. Get started!

Here I must make a small remark. 
Double IPA - a modern interpretation of the largely pro-American style IPA, which is reflected in the British and Scandinavian brewing in recent years. Under the "double" primarily refers to an increase in almost all parameters of the prototype style. This style is also known as Russian Imperial IPA, implying strong stouts, delivered to the imperial court during the XVII-XX centuries. 
We had the idea to create a new style, combining the two names synonymous DIPA and Russian IIPA. As a result, we can safely call our offspring Russian Double Imperial IPA or simply Russian DIIPA. What does this mean? 
This means that all must be twice as much. In other words: Who wants more? 
We need to do and higher density, and alcohol and, most important, and understandably so, to increase the hop bitterness.Beer bar with 150 IBU bitterness in Russia no one on the mini, or macro-breweries until cooked. That is a task we have set ourselves.  150 + IBU , no less. To achieve this goal, Martin Dickey, and brought the American super-bitter hops with a very bright floral and citrus character. In our case, they were five varieties: Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade, Columbus and Simcoe. Hopping planned at different stages and during cooking, and a whirlpool. Four pounds was provided for dry hopping. - And let us, we have and our some hop set - I suggested. - And let us, - said Martin. And then we went to the hop-store.

Martin chose Taurus and Perle. From ┼Żatec politely declined. So, we have seven varieties of hops! Not bad for our ambitious goals. When we discussed their percentage, total, came running and journalists.

After welcoming reverence Martin went on to explain that such hops, and why we use it in such numbers. Observed on the faces of journalists undisguised bewilderment. Chief editor of "Maxim" Alexander Malenkov is clearly discovered many new things.

Then the conversation moved into the mainstream, "What is IBU? And what is 150 +? "Joined by Alexander Tazaretovich Dedegkaev, vice president of production (the man in a waistcoat on the left).

Alexander Dedegkaev: "150 IBU? Yes, you are stunned! "

Well? The key is to start. Anatoly Ivanov, and Martin Dickie theatrically poured caramel malt in the bunker. Light malt, which is «pale ale malt» Toll fell asleep a little earlier and managed to grind to not wasting any time, for the beginning of the process and so we have been delayed until 11:30.

What else can you do with the console in order to justify Russian? "Russian-ness", in particular, taste and color of the beer we can make rye malt. His istolkli advance. Rather, taken from the primary production is already milled. Tolia said the grinder from him then do not wash will be. Therefore, rye malt is poured directly into the mash vat.

While the essence, but it opened a bottle of historical replicas Truman 1890 Imperial Russian Stout. 80 IBU somehow struck Martin to the core. Someone who, as he then seemed to be surprised by nothing.

While rubbing took place, we had to run through the tour route, went to the lab. The "BryuDog" for his large laboratory there, most of the testing and analysis they do in the nearby college. As they say, for the beer :-). 
But in the new brewery, which opens next year, the laboratory course, provided. Now look for the equipment.

Head of Laboratory Kirill Kuptsinelli conducts a short tour

Most likely our next class will be korchazhnym Imperial Sahti. Pots we already have. Left cut kuurnu.

Then it is time to hop favorites. The first batch fell asleep in the brew kettle "before."

Next hop to the wort laid at regular intervals:

Do you think the color was a must? Guess three times with

Well, of course, the first hopped wort had to try. So we began to hop extremists. Who is it said that beer revolution is impossible? Maher? If not possible, then what is?

It is finished! Another legendary beer on its way. Russia's first IPA has been brewed just now, now that's the first RDIIPA. The boundaries of gratitude to Martin Dickey knows no bounds. I could not expect that ever held such an exchange of experiences.Perhaps the children will remember this date as the beginning of a new beer time. 
tezisno Remember - June 22, 2011, 9.5% alc., 21% density, 150 + IBU, BrewDog, Baltica.

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Comments (10)

Yuri Katunin 30th June, 2011 2:43pm
Carlsberg does not know about visit of Martin, cause this is not the idea of Carlsberg. Don't worry, non-conformity was not harmed at all.
iprise 30th June, 2011 10:31am
Maybe this just goes to show that Carlsberg are a little bit scared of losing market share to the craft beer revolution. They've brought Martin in to show them, what hops actually are and how you can use them to put actual flavour in beer
Stephanos 28th June, 2011 1:58pm
Definitely the rubbing
Neil, 28th June, 2011 8:58am
"Martin chose Taurus and Perle. From ┼Żatec politely declined. So, we have seven varieties of hops! Not bad for our ambitious goals. When we discussed their percentage, total, came running and journalists."I like this best because it implies so much but tells you so little. Did martin shun some local hops? Did journalists physically come running or were they shocked? Confusing!
Jarvinho 28th June, 2011 7:47am
Baltika - Owned by Carslberg and with a 40% market share in Russia.Not not so much "A beacon of non-conformity" more like an "increasingly monotone corporate desert."
Yuri Yoda Katunin 28th June, 2011 6:10am
That was funny, google funny as always :-)
Mark R 28th June, 2011 1:03am
I reckon Yoda translated this rather than google . . . The force is definitely strong in that one though!
James H 27th June, 2011 11:05pm
"Tolia said the grinder from him then do not wash will be."Nope, you've lost me there.
Alex 27th June, 2011 10:50pm
"While rubbing took place, we had to run through the tour route, went to the lab." Saucy.
Ben 27th June, 2011 10:05pm
Tesco hops aye?