The Great BrewDog Bar Hunt is Back!

Help us find new craft beer outposts

The Great BrewDog Bar Hunt is Back!

2013 has been a busy year for BrewDog so far, what with the new brewery officially opening in Ellon, plus our first international bar launching in Stockholm. In addition, we opened BrewDog Leeds in March, will be opening in Shepherd’s Bush next month and have started work on our Sheffield site, which is due to open early 2014. Phew! Not only that, but we also have a site in Liverpool that is in the planning stages.

But we’re not known for resting on our laurels and as such we are super keen to open another bunch of awesome craft beer havens across the UK. As well as opening more bars, we are also looking to open our first Bottle Dog shops, which will carry a huge range of beers from the best breweries from around the world, together with homebrewing equipment and ingredients. We’re really excited about the potential for our bars and shops and we want your help. That’s right, The Great BrewDog Bar Hunt is back!


We are looking for you to help us scout out the perfect premises and, if we end up taking up your proposal, we will pay you £1,000 in cash and reward you with a lifetime discount at the new bar!


Here are the criteria:

For all premises:

  • It needs to be currently on the market
  • We would consider properties available to buy or lease
  • A valid licence is a bonus, but not essential
  • A location with good footfall but not necessarily completely central. Anything slightly edgy and off pitch is cool with us!

Additional specific criteria for BrewDog Bars:

  • The venue will ideally have previously been a bar and have both a cellar and a valid licence
  • A reasonably small venue – 80-130 capacity
  • Corner units are preferable but we will take all applications into consideration.
  • Ideally 150-200 square meters in size
  • Target Locations:
    South London
    Central London

For BottleDog

  • The venue needs A1 or A3 planning
  • Ideally 50-100 square meters in size
  • Space for offices above or below would be ideal
  • London only to start with – will consider anywhere within zones 1-3

Brewing Academy

  • A3 or A4 planning is preferable
  • Warehouse or Showroom space could work well with this one
  • Ideally 300-600 square metres in size
  • All locations considered within London

We would like the proposals to include:

1) A photo of the venue (a smart phone snap is fine)

2) Hopefully a schedule from the selling agent (this can usually be downloaded from the selling agent's website)

3) Some brief information on the location and why you think it would be a good location

4) Please email the proposals to jhickson(at)brewdog(dot)com . The deadline for submissions is January 20th 2014.

We will send a case of beer to anyone who sends us a lead that we follow up as a thank you for the effort.

Happy bar hunting scamps!

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Comments (37)

asmith225 1st November, 2013 1:11pm
Hi Guys,How about reopening an old pub that used to be called The Feria on Bore Street in Lichfield, Staffordshire?
James W 30th October, 2013 9:20pm
Tunbridge Wells!!!
Espen 30th October, 2013 8:05pm
What is this nonsense Im hearing about no plans for Dublin?
:) 30th October, 2013 7:23am
Stuntm4nMik3 29th October, 2013 12:20pm
I second the idea for a BrewDog in the Netherlands. Amsterdam or Alkmaar would do really well.
Tpickering 29th October, 2013 11:57am
Are you able to tell us whats created the delay on the Sheffield bar as it was said to be due open October/November but now not until 2014
CPFC89 29th October, 2013 11:47am
Not sure on sale/let situation but there is an empty corner unit in honor oak park se23 that used to be a resturant the old bank. Im almost certain it has a cellar. Right near train station/ overground station. Sizing sounds about right
Eysturoy 29th October, 2013 10:39am
Open one in the Faroe Ilands!We need a REAL beer bar!!
Sidman 29th October, 2013 10:33am
Banksy 28th October, 2013 10:17pm
I think you need to rethink the size etc of the Aberdeen bar!The flag ship bar is a lacking and small compared to its counterparts!
beardy 28th October, 2013 10:16pm
For the love of beer, I must find somewhere in Cambridge!!!!
Rikky 28th October, 2013 9:36pm
Come on guys, you are missing out by not setting up in dublin
sebconn 28th October, 2013 9:22pm
If you really want to branch out. Melbourne, Australia is right up your ally. The craft beer scene here is exploding.
Ozzman 28th October, 2013 8:27pm
Please... we NEED a BrewDog Bar in Barcelona!
James 28th October, 2013 8:09pm
San Francisco! People would go nuts.
Punk Drinker 28th October, 2013 6:19pm
Oslo! Not a country (pr person) in the world that drink more micro Brew then Norway. So Oslo should definately be on the Soon to come list, especially since you have 1 in Stockholm! :) I will gladly try help to find a location. RegardsBrew Tom
raul def 28th October, 2013 6:03pm
I must find you a place in Vauxhall. That would be the best thing happening to Vauxhall after the opening of Dirty Burger. Vxl is on a roll!
jonnypd 28th October, 2013 5:42pm
I came here to suggest the old Shakespeares Head site in Leicester, but see someone has beaten me to it! Therefore, I second that suggestion and agree with the previous sentiments.
Jambom 28th October, 2013 5:25pm
But of course, Helsinki, Finland.
Dkirk 28th October, 2013 4:40pm
Perhaps OTT
MMACK 28th October, 2013 4:40pm
For those on the Dundee hunt, is the old Nicolls bar on Ward St still on the market? Might have to take a run into town to check.
Paul M 28th October, 2013 4:31pm
Tallys Bar in the Westport in Dundee is up for sale or lease via Belhaven. Huge potential,good foot fall and a very iconic bar with bags of history!
DB Cooper 28th October, 2013 4:30pm
Can you say where the Liverpool bar will be yet?
RalphLub 28th October, 2013 4:09pm
The site of the old Shakespeares Head pub in Leicester would be perfect. Corner unit, strong beer drinking city, city centre location, a pub until very recently. Come to Leicester!
AB 28th October, 2013 4:08pm
If you come to Cambridge, the best places to go would be Mill Road, King Street, or St Andrews St.
Ash2703 28th October, 2013 3:57pm
Brighton would be a pefect City for you to set up in! 28th October, 2013 3:55pm
Hi Guys , Have you given any thought to Holland ? Im sure I can find you the right location and staff .
tstockucg 28th October, 2013 3:55pm
Sorry - I should have actually read your entire article - I am now brimming from ear to ear to hear that youre on your way to Liverpool! I shall definitely be there at the opening - so Ill keep my eye on the website/Facebook page.Thanks guys - you w
Anfearbui 28th October, 2013 3:55pm
How about Dublin?
Aaron 28th October, 2013 3:54pm
Dublin is crying out for a BrewDog bar. Give Ireland some love! :)
Ave 28th October, 2013 3:54pm
Just come to Italy with your fucking bars!
tstockucg 28th October, 2013 3:53pm
Last year you were looking at a place on Duke Street, Liverpool - but I noticed that Liverpool isnt on your list - it definitely should be! Liverpool has a fantastic brewing heritage and must have one of the largest numbers of independent pubs per square
Peter V 28th October, 2013 3:51pm
On the Dundee hunt too !
Moris 28th October, 2013 3:47pm
You guys should consider opening a bar in Amsterdam...Ill scout the location for you! (As close to my home as possible :)
HamishM 28th October, 2013 3:47pm
Some venues I know of in Inverness
ben mcf 28th October, 2013 3:37pm
Im going to start searching in Dundee straightaway!
CharlieA 28th October, 2013 3:35pm
Great idea. So many craft beer fans around, it just makes sense to harness all those eyes and ears. Another great bit of crowdsourcing.