The Japanese Street Food Inspired Menu in Shoreditch

Japanese Street Food in Shoreditch

The Japanese Street Food Inspired Menu in Shoreditch

Welcome to a new era of craft beer appreciation. A stone’s throw from the bustling Brick Lane, BrewDog Shoreditch is our second London bar with an epic menu boasting some of the best beers in the capital. We’ve also got a delicious Japanese fusion bar food menu, featuring appetising treats best savoured with a schooner.


The master-mind behind our latest bar food phenomenon is Paddy. Brought up by Japanese identical twin au pairs, Paddy ate his way around Okinawa fascinated by all things food.  His menu of Japanese fusion street food has been prepared with beer in mind, listing the beer of choice to best compliment the dish.


"Living in Japan, the sort of places I enjoyed were the ones where people relaxed after a day at work with a beer in hand, where you could make friends with strangers and eat and drink into the night. There was nothing formal about the occasion, just the enjoyment of the moment in a friendly atmosphere.


"What I love about Japanese food is the range of what Japanese people eat, whether that's a late night snack from the convenience store or a lunch box on a train. I'd love to see Japanese food in the UK represent more of that diversity of tastes and experiences."

Drop on in to BrewDog Shoreditch to sample some of Paddy’s moreish snacks, such as the vegetarian Katsu Skewers, pictured above, and the Sloppy Gydon Beef Bun, below.


So what can you expect from BrewDog Shoreditch? In Paddy's words,

"The kitchen is now up and running and in the coming weeks I'll be introducing more things onto the menu to enjoy. Too secret to discuss now, but expect specialities from Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa."


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Comments (6)

HaydenOxford 29th October, 2012 5:21pm
Great to see Paddy! Must come and check it out!! ; )
Cat 26th October, 2012 10:06pm
Gah! So jealous!
HiggsBoson1 26th October, 2012 5:13pm
What no whale meat? 'Kin amateurs, you're losing your edge!
mshedden 26th October, 2012 2:52pm
Is it coming to other Brewdog bars?
Cinulph 26th October, 2012 10:43am
Had the beef bun on Monday and it was pretty damn good.
Peter B 26th October, 2012 10:18am
Looks Fantastic