The Masterchef Winner's Beer Dinner at Musa and BrewDay

Tim Anderson to prepare a beer and food extravaganza in the granite city

The Masterchef Winner

Tim Anderson to prepare a beer and food extravaganza in the granite city

For as long as we can remember we have been extolling the virtues of killer craft beers and progressive exciting food. Consequently we are delighted to announce that Tim Anderson will be visiting BrewDog to design and brew his own beer and also to mastermind and help prepare a rock ‘n roll beer dinner at Musa.

Tim recently stormed to victory in arguably BBC’s best show, Masterchef (screw the losers on The Apprentice!) with a blend of Asian inspired cuisine infused with flair and often breathtaking imagination. Currently working as Manager of the brilliant craft beer bar, The Euston Tap in London, Tim’s affinity for craft beer long supersedes his TV superstardom.

Tim will also be making his first foray into brewing on a commercial scale and i

masterchef-tim-anderson-007_460t will be fascinating to see how he constructs the beer and uses flavour and how his cooking philosophy translates into our mash tun! We will release details on the beer after it is brewed, Tim has provisionally named it Mr Squirrel, the small batch will be available at The Euston Tap, on our website and BrewDog Bars.

Tim’s Beer Dinner will be at Musa Wednesday 22nd June. Starting at 7.15. Tim will be pairing some of his favourite beers paired with his own dishes. There will be 5 courses and 6 beers. The price for the dinner is £60 per head.

Musa @ 7.15 on June 22nd

Exchange Street, Aberdeen

Book your place by contacting the Musa Team on  01224 571771 or

You can follow Tim on Twitter here:

An Extract from an article on his Masterchef Win

The 26-year-old American saw off Tom Whitaker and Sara Danesin to win the three-part final on Wednesday night after his experimental dishes had judges John Torode and Greg Wallace praising his brilliant cooking.

In his final three course meal for the judges, Anderson cooked a starter of three burgers, a Japanese noodle main with truffled lobster and a selection of British puddings for dessert. 

On being crowned the youngest MasterChef champion ever, Anderson said: ‘It is such a good feeling. I'm very proud of the accomplishment and I'm just so glad that John and Gregg liked my food. 

‘Tom and Sara are outstanding cooks and I never really thought I had a chance to beat either of them. 

'Looking back on all the amazing cooks that left before me, it is really quite humbling to have come out on top. Humbling but super awesome at the same time.’ 

Torode praised the 26-year-old after the decision, declaring: ‘I think all three were amazing, but Tim was in a different world altogether. 

'He had influences from Norway, Japan, America, Australia and the UK. That all coming together gave us the best culinary explosion that we've ever seen in MasterChef.’


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Comments (10)

James, Brewdog 26th May, 2011 3:23pm
Sorry to all those who missed out. There will only be one night.
Charles May 26th May, 2011 2:11pm
Sadly the dinner is already sold out (at 2pm on Thurs 26 May).Can there be a second night please? John at Musa said it was under consideration.And if so, could I be first on the list?
Tim 25th May, 2011 11:00pm
Can you get him to come down to London for a Brewdog dinner too? :)
Amsterdog 25th May, 2011 9:43pm
Damn, you're quick on the reply! Shouldn't you be brewing beer or something? ;-) Thanks, I will subscribe immediatly.
Becca 25th May, 2011 9:34pm
Tim and BrewDog. 2 of my favourite things! Excited, much?Hopefully you will be taking Tim to BrewDog Aberdeen too!
Ian 25th May, 2011 9:33pm
Sounds like the best beer and food event in Aberdeen. Ever.Count me in :)
BrewDog James 25th May, 2011 9:32pm
You can sign up for the newsletter here
Amsterdog 25th May, 2011 9:28pm
Ok, I'm a bit not really sober (drinking Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche at the moment) but do you guys have a newsletter? Wouldn't want to miss out on this beer!
John Simmons 25th May, 2011 9:23pm
Cannot wait! This sounds bloody amazing! Just emailed Musa to book our table. Brilliant night of food and beer to look forward to!
Adrian 25th May, 2011 9:13pm
Sounds Ace! What will Tim add to the brew?I would guess something Japanese!