The Official Opening of the New Brewery!

Save the date scamps!

The Official Opening of the New Brewery!

Opening ceremonies = dull, boring with D-list celebs and washed up politicians.

Luckily that is not how we roll here at BrewDog. We are going to catapult our shiny new high-tech craft brewery into officialdom with a rocking ceremony exclusively for our Equity Punks. Our brand new Ellon Brewery would still be a pipe dream in the margin of Martin's notepad if not for the Punk investors who shared in our vision.

So, who better to usher in this new era of craft beer than one of our own rock star Equity Punk investors? Between 1pm and 4pm on Saturday the 19th of January, the official opening ceremony will feature kick ass live music, awesome food, brewery tours and much more.
badge_crowd_620To confirm your attendance on the Saturday 19th please send an email to – we need to have this confirmation by Monday the 14th so that we can properly plan the event.

The event on the 19th starts at 1pm and finishes at 4pm and is an Equity Punk only event. Thereafter we will have some special beers on at BrewDog Aberdeen and there will be a beer dinner that evening kicking off at 7.30 at Musa. To book your place at Musa, please contact Musa directly

ellonbr_620We also want an Equity Punk investor to officially open the new brewery, to cut the metaphorical hop encrusted ribbon and to be the guest of honour. Want to officially open the new brewery? Here is how you can:

We want to see you scamps get out there and get creative. We have downloadable PDF signs which we want you to print off and photograph yourselves with.  Only parameters are that the words must be readable, and your gorgeous faces visible- happy snapping!

Download the signs here:


The winner will be picked by an in house BrewDog staff vote. Email your submissions in by the 14th of January to, results to be announced on Tuesday the 15th.

All of the photos will then be turned into a mural on the wall of the new brewery as a tribute to the investors who made the project possible. Even if you can’t make the opening event, please submit a photo and ensure your picture is part of the Equity Punk mural at the new brewery!

graff2_620For those who can't make it up at such short notice we are also going to be holding an Equity Punks Open Brewing day on Saturday 20th April. Just like this one. On the EFP Open Brewing Day we will be hosting our Equity Punks at the new brewery, brewing a beer with your help, doing tastings and also brewery tours. Expect some food, some live music and a general update on our business then too. More details will be announced later. We will also design the beer together online in advance of the day.

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Comments (18)

armando_otchoa 9th January, 2013 3:52pm
Ohh, i am to far....and too short notice. What the hell should i do?
Pete H, Nottm 9th January, 2013 1:02pm
Too short notice for me aswell.I wish I could be there for the grand opening, but I can't. :-(I'll be there in spirit !I hope it goes well, and keep on hoppin' (fantastic beer) in the real world ....---
BrewDogZarah 9th January, 2013 10:30am
Hi all,Just to confirm that plus ones are allowed for you awesome punks, when you confirm your attendance via email, please just let me know if you will be bringing a guest.Thanks!Z
Ca9ine 8th January, 2013 9:43pm
Awesome.Jealousy from Norway. I mean love!
martinmme 8th January, 2013 3:49pm
Excited 8th January, 2013 12:25pm
Sounds great, Will there be a bit more info coming out, such as how to get there, where to rock up, can people add plus 1's, etc.?
mark h 8th January, 2013 10:51am
Gentlemen, this looks awesome! Can't believe I need to work on the 19th. Hope to see the new brewery soon. 7th January, 2013 11:12pm
Any chance there's room for a girlfriend/enthusiastic brewdog fan who's willing to pay their way? I'd love to come up from Manchester but it's a long venture on my lonesome!
Chris R 7th January, 2013 10:23pm
Do we get a plus one for the opening?
sueb42 7th January, 2013 8:49pm
Looking forward to the opening and seeing the new brewery.
Per13 7th January, 2013 7:21pm
Congratulations punks!
Deeko 7th January, 2013 4:47pm
Curses! - A bit too short notice for me too. How about sending some beer out to the equity punks who can't make it so we can raise a glass with you......
Yorky bloke 7th January, 2013 4:17pm
And you didn't think to invite any bigwigs from Diageo to do the official ribbon cutting? :-)
Bracken's Bitches 7th January, 2013 3:53pm
Congratulations! Sweet! So proud of you guys, keep on rockin'....
Stuart M 7th January, 2013 3:22pm
Would love to be there for the opening, but too short notice to make arrangements.Can you confirm if it's safe to make travel plans now for the Brew Day?Presume that the beer from that day should be ready just in time for a first tasting at the AGM? Is that the plan?
Scatty 7th January, 2013 2:23pm
Looking forward to it! Will there be transport between the city centre and the brewery, or will we all have to drive to the site?
Zarah 7th January, 2013 2:18pm
There will indeed be an AGM this year. Just waiting to confirm the date with the venue and will let you guys know asap.
A gourlay 7th January, 2013 1:54pm
Is there going to be an AGM as well as the open day in April?