The Penguin's Day Out

at the GFF Awards!

Last week, at the Grampian Food Forum a penguin ran amuck, schmoozing the Tesco Chairman with his fancy brown paper bag concealing a bottle of Tactical Nuclear Penguin.  It worked:


BrewDog won The Most Innovative Product of the Year and also the overall prize for Best Marketing Plan. Great awards recognising the long hours that the BrewDog team put into making their creations become products that excel.

Whilst James was in the San Diego sunshine with Greg Koch- Martin, Richard, Tom, Jo and a scheming penguin spent the night in the spotlight at the Marcliffe Hotel collecting the awards for the ever expanding Hall of Fame. Another great night for BrewDog. 


Martin and Penguin Jo with Dawn Lamarra of Scottish Development International and Bill Powrie of Scottish Enterprise.

You can buy some of our 32% beer here: 


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Comments (2)

Steve & Jim 24th March, 2010 10:22pm
He kind of looks like a bad Italian mobster, maybe the penguins body guard?? Anyway gongrats to everyone on the award!

alan 24th March, 2010 10:28am
Does Richard never smile when he is having his pic taken? And if you removed the facial hair do you think he looks like Noel Gallagher?