The Ultimate Christmas Gift - Shares in BrewDog

your christmas shopping dilemas solved!

The Ultimate Christmas Gift - Shares in BrewDog

A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas! Solve your Christmas shopping dilemmas and invest in BrewDog at

With awesome discounts in our BrewDog bars and online, perpetual invites to our epic AGMs and other awesome events as well as benefitting financially from our future growth, shares in BrewDog is the gift which keeps just keeps on giving!

The benefits of investing in BrewDog? 

  • Benefit financially from our future growth through dividends and also an increase in the value of your shareholding.
  • Lifetime discount in all of our BrewDog Bars
  • Lifetime discount on our online shop
  • Exclusive first options on all our special and limited edition beers
  • Invites to our (soon to be legendary) AGMs
  • Being able to participate in our annual by shareholders, for shareholders beer.
  • Having your say in how the company is run
  • Owning your very own part of BrewDog
  • Sell and trade your shares on or at a potential later listing
  • A welcome pack with some killer, shareholder only BrewDog merchandise including your ID card.
  • Literally become richer with every BrewDog beer you drink

With only 10% of the shares left, you need to be quick to ensure you don't miss out!


There are 2 ways of buying BrewDog shares as a gift this Christmas:

Method One - Online

Due to online security measures, you have to make the application and payment in your own name on the website. However, once you have paid online, simply send a quick email to (who looks after our shareholder register at Computershare) and he will transfer the shares into the name of the person you wish to gift them to. It is as easy as that!

You can invest online here

Method Two - By Post

You can download our paper application form here

Simply fill out the form with the name of the person you want to gift the shares to as the shareholder, and put your own name and signature as the applicant. Then send to the address on the form along with a cheque to Computershare. Done.


The actual share certificate takes between 2 and 4 weeks to arrive. However to ensure you have something awesome to hand over on Christmas day, we will email all investors the BrewDog share gift certificate displayed above. All existing shareholders will also be emailed a copy of this certificate in the next few days to help out of you intend gifting some shares this Christmas.

Shares in a craft brewery, complete with lifetime discounts; pretty much the ultimate Christmas gift.



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Comments (6)

fm transmitter 23rd November, 2011 4:35am
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BeerHawk 22nd November, 2011 12:31pm
I'm already a shareholder and the ultimate christmas gift would be the opening of Brewdog Newcastle - any updates?
tony killeen 21st November, 2011 7:25pm
Mr T 21st November, 2011 1:23pm
@pmilar - after speaking to the guys I think the goody packs are all being posted out together once the offer closes. This was the only way they could process all 5,000 of them!Just got my ID card - it rocks!
Adrian 21st November, 2011 1:22pm
Awesome gift idea.
pmillar 21st November, 2011 1:20pm
Still haven't got my 'goodies pack', just the card