BrewDog's 2015 in 140 characters...


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2015! What a year it was; a new Star Wars film, Sepp finally got rumbled and Scotland continued its ongoing boycott of all major sporting events apart from Tennis (on political grounds… obviously).

Our year was equally awesome, so we’ve continued with our annual tradition of presenting the previous 12 months in 10 tweets. Here’s our year in 140 characters:

10 - Punk Lite

James began the year with a fresh take on our flagship. Or did he?

9 - Scenting a Bargain

Admit it, a few of you were clicking through to buy our hop perfumes on April Fool’s Day!

8 - #PunkAGM2015

Our AGM saw over 6,000 Equity Punks pack out the AECC. On a kickass day filled with drinking awesome beer and rocking to the sounds of Idlewild and Twin Atlantic, Captain James took a moment to reflect on the calm before the storm!

7 - Look to the Skies

London may have its fair share of fat cats, but we don’t reckon many of them come stuffed and from the sky. From above the city of London, we were on a mission to tear it down!

6 - Don't Cut - Invest

Others may cut costs - we prefer a different path for our business, thank you very much Mr Sicupira.

5 - Return of the Saint

Apparently only the Pope can make a saint. We beg to differ!

4 - Making Cicerone History

Arise, Master Rob! Europe now has only two Master Cicerones and they both ply their beery trade within our brewery walls!

3 - A Gift for the Free World

Dear Donald, fancy stopping your alarming attempt at world domination? No? Would a free BrewDog beer in our bars on your birthday when you present your new EFP card change your mind? Might just chill you out a bit!

2 - TransAtlantic

And from possibly the worst American to some of the best… Columbus, we’re coming baby!

1 - Power to the People

What a year, huh? And the most awesome thing we did last year? It has to be welcoming over 20,000 new Equity Punks aboard with the launch of Equity for Punks IV!

2015 is in the books and it was an absolute blast – thanks to each and every one of you for continuing to drink our beer, visit our bars and get in touch with our team! If there's anything you think we should tweet about this year - let us know in the comments below!

You can find out more about investing in BrewDog at

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Comments (4)

Dave 12.01.2016 @ 8:06pm
What can Brewdog do to mark the sad death of David Bowie? A designated brew perhaps?
Mark 08.01.2016 @ 2:54pm
Nice pic of the AGM arena
BBall 08.01.2016 @ 1:00pm
Keep on tweeting and with the same sense of humour!
Paul 08.01.2016 @ 12:15pm
Levitating Rob for the win