Top Tweets of 2012

2012 in 140 characters…

Top Tweets of 2012

2012 in 140 characters…

If there’s anything that the past few years have taught us, it’s that Twitter is today’s cultural frontline; the craft beer revolution being no exception.

With many of our team taking to Twitter, there really is no better place to find out what’s going on as it happens – from what’s on draft in Manchester to how Bowman’s beard is or simply what Martin had for breakfast.

New to following us on Twitter or trying to keep up left you in a flutter? It’s cool, don’t worry about it. We’ve put together our top tweets from 2012 for you to enjoy here in this blog, aptly titled ‘Top Tweets of 2012’.

So here’s our year in 140 characters…



"Just had the Queen in for a 2/3's Punk IPA. Not only a craft beer drinker but a fan of the mighty schooner!"

Opening its doors at the end of October was BrewDog Bristol. Our ninth UK location and the only bar we’ve opened with the help of a makeshift pirate ship, BrewDog Bristol proved an instant hit with the locals. Even the Queen popped by for a brew…probably enticed by the rumours she keeps cropping up in our video blogs.



"Today I'm looking at drains and floors. Better than church I suppose."

Followers of Martin will have read about the evolution of the new brewery throughout the year in tweeted installments. From Germans arriving to help build it to operating a crane in gale force winds, there was plenty to tweet about; even when it came to choosing the floors and organising the drains. ‘Coz that’s just how we roll.  

BrewDog Leeds


"Tonight's best tasting note - Christmas pudding covered in burnt hair."

Originally the manager of our Aberdeen bar and now something of a craft beer vagabond, Neil spends his time traveling the length and breadth of the country in the name of the cause. Scouting out new beers is just one of Neil’s duties, making sure you never come into contact with any that taste of burnt hair. Thanks Neil!



"I can't seem to wear trousers without looking like I should be doing someone's photocopying or looking like a chubby hipster"

Okay, so James may be the skipper on our craft beer voyage but that doesn’t mean the wisdom stops at beer or boats. In fact, this year has seen James up his game in the fashion stakes but like any great visionary there’s a faux pas or four to make along the way – like trousers. Rumour has it he’s leaving the cross-dressing to Martin…at least for the time being. 



"Good afternoon boys and girls. We're feeling fragile today. And so are you by the looks of things. Come in for a beer and a cuddle."

Opening in the spring, BrewDog Newcastle is our craft beer haven on the Tyne that not only features an all-female management team but also the UK’s first cake and beer pairings. All of our bars are special but there’s something extra special about Newcastle…like a hug when you feel ‘fragile’. Nice!

So there you have it, our top tweets of 2012. If you don’t do so already, follow @brewdog It’s a good place to get started and will feature all our shenanigans for 2013 and beyond. Guaranteed!

What were your favourite BrewDog tweets of the year? Let us know below.

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Jodynewcastle 29th December, 2012 1:19pm
Had to be the man that thuoght it bes to complain via twitter rather than in real life ha ha