Tweet and Eat: The BrewDog Dinner

scallops, Angel's Share and military police

Tweet and Eat: The BrewDog Dinner

Inspired by Mark Dredge's ( BrewDog Dinner series, Martin and I decided to give some pairings a go on Saturday evening. It was all real-time twittered by Martin. The real time tweets are in italics below.  We have been so busy over the last few weeks this was also our monthly management meeting.

Beer and food night at Mr James Watt's, he makes beer but can he cook? 7:54 PM May 23rd

Dinner was preceded by Punk IPA (BrewDog), All Others Pale (Mikkeller) and Orval (Orval).

1st Course - Scallop, Black Pudding with Pea and Mint Puree. (by James)

1st course butter fried scallop, black pudding and pea and mint puree, presentation rustic, execution brilliant, paired with storm7:57 PM May 23rd

Fresh scallop and mint with the fuller oily black pudding, storm works great with the black pudding too much for fresh scallop8:00 PM May 23rd

Storm was a bold choice here, I wanted to do something pretty unusual and Storm is one of our favourite beers. It was a little bit over powering with the scallops but worked really well with the black puddings.

One of the best starters I've ever had, good work Mr. James, next course over to Johanna Basford 8:02 PM May 23rd

Main Course - Monk Fish with Roast Peppers and Tarragon, wrapped in Parma Ham. Paired with Duvel/Atlantic IPA (by Johanna)

Monk and roast red pepper and tarragon with a taglieatellie and asparagus. paired with Duvel and or Atlantic ipa 8:49 PM May 23rd

Classic combo of fish and tarragon, again awesome clean sweet fish and works well with the crisp tangy sharp hoppy Duval. monk is the best 9:00 PM May 23rd

This worked great with the Duvel, a really cool match. The Atlantic IPA struggled a little, I just chose this as both the Monk fish and beer had both spent time in the Atlantic. The IPA was a little bit too old, too oxidised and too oaky to cope with the fresh fish.

Desert - Devine Rebel Pannacotta and Dark Chocolate, paired with Angel's Share (by Johanna)


My favourite so far- Devine Rebel pannacota with 2 chunks of 85% chocolate and with deadly explosive Angels Share 9:17 PM May 23rd

This was brilliant, the Angel's Share was on deadly top form. The bottle cork almost took my eye out and hut the roof with so much force there is still a dent. Still it was worth the risk as this beer is sublimely brilliant. It was gorgeous with the Devine Rebel Pannacotta and even better with the 85% Dark bitter Chocolate. The Devine Rebel and Vanilla pod pannacotta worked well, the oaky sweetness and tropical fruit tang of the nelson sauvin hop infused deep into the oily vanilla texture was cut through brilliantly by the boozy alcoholic edge of Angel's Share.

James has lost an eye, the combo of creamy vanilla panacotta and slight fruitiness of Devine Rebel in there works awesome with the bourbon chocolat 9:22 PM May 23rd

cheese board next!!! 9:23 PM May 23rd

Cheese Board paired with Hardcore IPA (by James)

Great cheeses, apples, oatmeal crackers and our 9% hop bomb. The whole thing worked like a charm. Maybe a little bit too well. We are all bound to have crazy dreams eating this much cheese late at night.

Cornish camembert and Hardcore IPA was my favourite for that. little pieces of apple too. 9:45 PM May 23rd

The insane bitterness and dry biting finish and the fatty Camembert was a little too addictive.

Dark Chocolates and De Struise Beers

Chocolate and Pannepot Grand Reserva next. Reasonable combo, a lot of cocoa in the nose of the beer but a little boring 11:55 PM May 23rd

No worries, James has the straight Pannepot, heavy apple and cinnamon spice, cracking, bring back the cheese board.11:56 PM May 23rd

Pannepot was a great beer and worked really well with the dark chocolate. Toffee Apples, laced in cinnamon, spiced poached pears, great malt base. Silky smooth, full body, chewy caramel with a nice assertive finish. I could drink this beer and eat chocolate all night, a classic combination.


Black damnation and 80 % and 90% chocolate, beer had big bold espresso character quite disappointing as very one dimensional.12:04 AM May 24th

Cuvee Delphine steps up next, much more subtle and rounded and pairs nicely with the 80 but the 90 in general is too bitter and not working12:06 AM May 24th

Cuvee Delphine rocked, a great and very different take on bourbon ageing.

Chocolate and Whisky

Last of the night 27 year Caol Ila and white vanilla chocolate, awesome whisky and pairing good night.12:08 AM May 24th

Huge Islay smoke-bomb, completely tamed by vanilla bean white chocolate. Breathtakingly daring but brilliant pairing.

On way home stopped by police as there seemed to be a mid country road dog raid? can't beat Fraserburgh!12:10 AM May 24th

With armed military police driving past your house every hour and a half you know you're in good hands.12:11 AM May 24th

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Comments (4)

Alan Simpson 26th May, 2009 7:17pm
So when are you folk going to open a restaurant then? Monk Fish...Chocolate...Stone Arrogant Barsteward...Pannepot Grand Reserva...chuck in some Black Albert Stout and Ill place my booking right now thanks!
David 25th May, 2009 9:41pm
id have been as pissed as a fart after all that :S
sounds like a great evening though.
Mark 25th May, 2009 8:06pm
What an awesome night, so many great beer amd food combos. What happened to the Speedway stout in the top picture?! This sounds like great fun, I must try it soon. And please let me come next time you do this :)

Ive tried some bourbon and chocolate pairings recently - a dark chili chocolate with bourbon leaves an amazing coconut aftertaste.
magicdave6 25th May, 2009 12:14pm
What a night of beers guyz! The struice stuff alone would have been looked upon as an amazing night but the lost abbey and others make for a tasting event worth remembering!