#TweetTheBrewer - with James Watt!

Ask Captain James all your burning beery questions!

#TweetTheBrewer - with James Watt!

Back in May, we held our first ever twitter takeover, featuring our head brewer, Stewart Bowman. It went down a treat and you guys seemed to have hundreds of questions for our main man of malt!

Following Bowman's stint, we were inundated with requests for more of our HQ team to hit Twitter for a chat. So, we will be replicating this guest tweeter action with Captain of BrewDog, the one and only James Watt.

James founded BrewDog in 2007 with school pal and partner in crime Martin Dickie. Both were tired of the boring, tasteless lagers that dominated the UK beer market, and so BrewDog was born out of a desire to make a serious change in the UK craft beer scene.

Seven years later, BrewDog now exports to over 50 countries, has more than 14,000 Equity for Punks shareholders on board, operates 19 bars worldwide, has its own TV show in the USA and employs over 300 awesome, craft beer obsessed people.

From 4pm-6pm on Monday 30th June, James will be taking the reins on our twitter account and will be answering all your questions. From how he and Martin Dickie started the brewery in 2007, to what his favourite beer is, to Simcoe's favourite hop, James will be yours for the grilling!

Get Monday 30th June in your diaries, and feel free to start tweeting us questions now! Just tweet @BrewDog using the hashtag #TweetTheBrewer

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Comments (2)

EFP FTW 27th June, 2014 9:54am
Second chance for us latecomers at the AGM ;)
Georgie 27th June, 2014 9:47am
Yay! Been hoping for this! I missed out on the Q&A at the AGM so this will be great second chance