#TweetTheBrewer news roundup

Some sneaky peeks slipped out during James' takeover of twitter!

#TweetTheBrewer news roundup

Earlier this week, Captain James Watt took to the helm of Twitter to answer all your questions about BrewDog, beards, brewing and more! During the course of 2 hours, James responded to hundreds of questions and actually let a few secrets slip, so we thought we'd share a few of those here…

We're looking for bar sites all over the UK – if you guys come across one in any of these cities, please drop us a proposal and you could receive £1000, so we'd make it worth your while!
Black Eyed King Imp, James' favourite BrewDog beer to date launched yesterday online, grab it here,  it also launches in our bars tomorrow.

As our shareholders will already know, we've been working with the amazing Pieminister to create some deliciously beery pies for our bars. We've got one stuffed to the brim with Punk IPA, chicken and ham, and another bursting at the pastry seams with 5am saint and beef. Well, we couldn't very well make beery pies without a steak and ale could we! These pies will be launching this month, so keep an eye out for them in BrewDog bars.

That's right! We may have waved a teary goodbye to our Dystopian Puppet Hobby Centre in Fraserburgh, but we've invested in some kit to start brewing small batches again! Arriving next week, expect to a return to some weird, wonderful and downright bewildering small batch beers soon.

BottleDog plans are in place for Leeds, Glasgow and Manchester! We've set our sights on potential venues in Leeds and Glasgow, keep an eye out for more updates on these right here on the blog.

Yup! DogTap, our brewery taproom is due to open on Thursday next week! Excited, much?! We'll be releasing full details about the bar based on site at our Ellon brewery next week.

BrewDogs Season 2 is airing now on Esquire! Our friends in the USA can tune in every week, check out the episode guide here!
Also…more good news for BrewDogs fans…

So that's season 3 announced...!

It's early days, but we're working on developing something that will embody everything we love in a hop, from the bitterness to the aroma to the flavour. This is going to be awesome fun to produce, we will keep you posted!

This has been something we've toyed with the idea of for months, but it's never actually come to fruition. Who knows…maybe 2014 is the year!
The response from Twitter when we hold #TweetTheBrewer events (this time with James and previously with head brewer Bowman) has been phenomenal – who would you like to see us hand the reins over to next?

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Comments (5)

HopRoss 5th July, 2014 2:22pm
Give it to someone in the Edinburgh bar, those guys are saints!
Bron 3rd July, 2014 12:10pm
Very excited for the beer club think 2014 would be a year of awsomeness if this comes off :)
Lily782 3rd July, 2014 11:52am
REEKIE 3rd July, 2014 11:48am
More BrewDog in Glasgow! Huzzah!
HopDave 3rd July, 2014 11:46am
Some surprises in there! Cant wait!