Upcoming brews - the latest from BrewDog HQ

Another sneaky peek into the brewery...

Upcoming brews - the latest from BrewDog HQ

Your sneak peak into BrewDog HQ

FV 406 - Hello My Name Is Ze


Slowly developing in a fermentation tank is the latest in our fruit infused international IPA series; Hello My Name is Ze is a passionfruit infused IPA brewed exclusively for the Brazilian market. You can expect Punk multiplied by Jack Hammer, divided by passionfruit with some Brazilian spirit factored in too. A collaboration with the amazing 2Cabecas brewers from Brazil, this beer will only be available in bottles in Brazil and to our Equity Punks.

FV 104 - Tokyo*


Tokyo started life at 12%, then went to 18.2% and now, in our quest to make it as good as it possibly can be is going to be brewed at 16.5%. Our latest batch of Tokyo* is quietly doing its thing in tank at the moment. We've slightly tweaked the recipe to provide the perfect balance of flavours and body in this beer, so Tokyo* will now weigh in at the slightly lower ABV of 16.5%. However you can expect exactly the same intense and complex flavours of treacle, jasmine, coffee and chocolate as before, just in a more balanced and satisfying package! Here's Franz adding some Jasmine pre-fermentation.

FV 106 - Coffee Badger


Coffee Badger is a collaboration between BrewDog and Stronzo. Stronzo have produced some tip-top treacley stouts and meads (they feature twice in our new guest beers blog), and this braggot (mead/beer hybrid) is set to continue the trend. Based on Honey Badger, this immense black beer has been fermenting for a month already and is approaching 16% ABV. Brewed with over a ton of honey, it's now nearly ready to be supercharged with a massive (read: nearly half a ton) of coffee. Yup.

This beer is going to be aged in Scotch barrels and should be ready to go at the end of 2014.

In barrel - Black Jacques


An imperial black saison which resides currently in French red wine barrels, Black Jacques has a turbulent heritage. A Belgian style aged in French barrels using Scottish ingredients? We'd hate to see the Black Jacques family tree, but at least this experimental brew tastes exactly as good as it sounds. Deep, resonant, complex red wine barrel flavours blend perfectly with the spicy and earthy saison notes all smoothed over with luscious dark malts. Coming your way soon.

In barrel - White Wine Barrel Aged Imperial Saison


A counterpart to Black Jacques, this as-yet-unnamed barrel-aged imperial saison is an intense amber colour, has huge Riesling aromas and flavours and a twisting luxuriant mouthfeel. We expect this brew to be ready to rock by Autumn.

Bright Beer Tank - Jasmine IPA


This draft-only beer has big floral aromas backed up with some of our favourite fruity hop flavours. Bitter, bright and refreshing, our Jasmine IPA is a perfect spring beer for drinking outside (under a patio heater, with a pair of gloves on). This was brewed at the Dystopian Puppet Hobby Centre on one of our final training days. Look out for this small batch beer on taps in BrewDog bars.

Bottling line - Paradox Heaven Hill


Paradox Heaven Hill is a 15% Imperial Stout aged in American Bourbon Barrels for 12 months. A schizophrenic translatlantic son of a bitch of a beer. Huge, decadent imperial stout clashes in the most beautiful way with the best incarnation of the American Dream since Nixon choked on a cheeseburger. We think this might just be the best Paradox ever.

Excited? Well, let us know! Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter and tell us what'll have you hovering over the online shop clicking refresh in a panic. Got an idea for naming one of our new beers? Tell us! If we use it, we'll send you some!

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Comments (11)

Munky23 8th April, 2014 4:24pm
PLEASEEEEEEEEEE make the Ze available in the UK
Chandalf 8th April, 2014 3:37pm
Looking forward to some Paradox, some Paradox, some Paradox and - as Im an EP - Ill have a Brazilian too!
martinegreen 7th April, 2014 9:24pm
If I was a dog and I would probably be sat drolong and dripping with saliva srt tbese beers.... wait a minute, I am ..... and I hear a bell ringing....
hessian 7th April, 2014 7:18pm
Shame that Hello My Name is Ze will not be in the UK, as it sounds awesome.
Ram man 7th April, 2014 6:27pm
Can I suggest A name for your imperial saison: Ferme De luxe which is french for luxury farmhouse.
322 7th April, 2014 5:56pm
Aaaww, why cant we europeans get to order some of that ze? :(
Greedo 7th April, 2014 5:24pm
White wine barrel aged beer = holy crap.
andyhawkes 7th April, 2014 4:58pm
Also, on the subject of naming beers, you should do a blueberry infused beer (maybe a summery blueberry wheat) and call it Bracken Blue...
andyhawkes 7th April, 2014 4:56pm
Ill start with 3 of each...
BeerDeprived 7th April, 2014 4:39pm
Will you guys be working on a Gluten Free Beer anytime soon?
Ashley C 7th April, 2014 4:35pm
Balls just paid off a load of my credit card ready for the AGM and costs! Looks like Ill be having to start that all again when these go live!