Video Blog 20: Review of 2009

12 rock 'n roll months in the life of BrewDog

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Comments (5)

Adrian 31st December, 2009 4:20pm
Our Beer is so strong it is binge drink sure - brilliant, absolutely brilliant!
Johanna 31st December, 2009 9:46am
I guess this explains where you have been all year... !
Matteo 31st December, 2009 8:45am
..well done guys, well done..was a great 2009..i really wish 2010 will be better!!same for you Greg!!
Will 30th December, 2009 8:41pm
You have done a freaking awesome job of 2009, but I guess this is only the beginning. Bring on more brewdogging in 2010!
Greg Koch 30th December, 2009 8:19pm
Once again, you gents make me feel like all I have done is be a lazy bum this year! Congrats on all the accomplishments!