Video Blog Episode 6: James on the Telly Box!

bits and pieces from The BBC TV show

This os for those who cant watch Iplayer from outside the UK. I realise alot of the narrative gets lost as I have had to cut a 1 hour show into 8 minutes.


Some quotes from the media

• The flabby, horrendous Jacqueline won the first round in Istanbul. Why's that good? Because she won't be in it anymore. She's won her air fare home and we won't hear any more of her bragging about her "£5000-a-day-sterling" consultancy rates and walk-in wardrobes (anyone got the key?).

The Independant

There are egos here that could undergo a lot of erosion and still remain formidable, but unfortunately the most monstrous of them, a fearsome woman called Jacqueline, won the first round in Istanbul. A pity, that, because she showed signs of being one of those five-star pieces of emotional grit that often generate pearls in this kind of thing. "I'm a driver, I'm ambitious, I'm completely inspirational," she said at one point. She would inspire me to find another continent to live on, frankly, but it seems to work for her because, having piggybacked on her teammate's quiet efficiency, she slagged him off as incompetent and went home with her self-regard unblemished.

 You tube Comment

Wow, that woman is awful. The UK's what? 12 years of what? She looks like the UK's expert on eating fast food.



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Comments (3)

Assefutoupt 26th December, 2008 12:19pm

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martin 27th November, 2008 9:20pm
No offense but i couldnt bear watching the whole show so thanks for the edit. Wow! Jacquie makes Jade Goody seem adorable What an embarrassment. And she drives a Range which says a lot
Aki 21st November, 2008 5:26pm
You are a better man than I am James, had I had to take abuse like that she would be floating somewhere in the mediterranean...what a horrible money obsessed person deeply in love with herself.