We built a new brewery

an update on our new Head Quarters

We built a new brewery

The building of the new brewery is now almost complete. The main part of the brewery is now completely finished with the construction team now working on the external landscaping and putting the finishing touches to our offices.

Here is what it currently looks like. Everyone who invested in Equity for Punks - we hope you are as excited about how our project is progressing as we are!

Here is what the site currently looks like:


The new warehouse.

3_620The brew-house area with the brewery control offices. 


The bottling hall area. The 5 tanks (the only ones on site so far) are our new CIP system.




The external fermentation tank farm area.


View from one of the new offices.

Amazing to think it looked like this only a few months ago:

Work starts on the New Brewery

The Brew-House and fermentation tanks are currently on their way from Germany and the new bottling machine ships in 2 weeks time. We will provide plenty of photo updates of the awesome new equipment going in.

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Comments (18)

Joanne B 1st August, 2012 9:32pm
Are you recruiting here soon?
kom 31st July, 2012 10:37am
Thank for sharing this. A friend of mine had already told me about Sirlin.net but the others are mostly new! Thanks again. ( http://dysonanimaldc41.com )
milnero 30th July, 2012 10:05pm
Crackin build dogs! #builditandtheywillcome
Beardspunk 29th July, 2012 5:46pm
Looks awesome ! More in the supermarket thank you Brewdog I love you guys :)
street buffet 29th July, 2012 12:04pm
We are opening many street buffets in Slovakia. we are interested to sell your products. streetbuffet@yahoo.comRegardsGio
beeraficionado 29th July, 2012 9:44am
i guess its a ROLEC! YEAH
phutt 29th July, 2012 7:06am
willi-boi, It's at Ellon, midway between Fraserburgh and Aberdeen
Yvan 28th July, 2012 9:01pm
Mega-upgrade on the current brewery! So very big... CIP must be about 10 times bigger than what a local brewery, much older than BrewDog, proudly had delivered a little while ago. Amazing growth! And that's not just the Royal Virility Performance...
hellboy 28th July, 2012 8:03pm
Fantastic. Can we now expect some consistency in brewdog beer (punk ipa was pretty pish last time i tried it)
Bracken's Bitches 28th July, 2012 5:02pm
Wow, that's so exciting! Good for you guys and I suppose that will be good for us also in the long run. Congratulations!
KennyMc 28th July, 2012 4:45pm
Looking good - a new chapter in the Brewdog story! Awaiting the 'hater' comments from those who equate expanding with selling out......
willy-boi 28th July, 2012 4:19pm
Looking good. Where is this brewery located? Not Frazerbourgh any more eh?
Captain Dirto 28th July, 2012 4:15pm
Captain Dirto 28th July, 2012 4:14pm
Tonycaviar, you are remarkably broad-minded and wordly, and display astonishing awareness.
H.R.H. the prince of mauchline 28th July, 2012 4:07pm
looking good m/ m/
Grum 28th July, 2012 4:05pm
Looking amazing guys… well done, and thanks for taking us along for the ride :-)
Chris H 28th July, 2012 4:04pm
YAY!! MORE BEER! Looks great guys!
tonycaviar 28th July, 2012 4:01pm
You buying fermentation tanks from sausage-munchers?